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    ROR 2013 Brides

    Soon2b2013, So if your wedding reception is offsite what about your ceremony? From my understanding if your ceremony is indeed onsite, than your two guests that aren't staying there will have to pay that fee IrishGirl was talking about. Essentially its a daypass to access the hotel/resort regardless if your reception is there or not. Unfortunately they nickle and Dime every penny out of us!
  2. Cam Tu Ho

    ROR 2013 Brides

    IrishGirlMD, Man I thought I was following this thread but apparently I'm following multiple ones! I have about 60 guests I think so I'm going to have dinner at the pool deck, and after paying for the 600.00 set up fee I have it till 10:30pm so I think we'll just stay there for our first dance and what not! And go to the Disco later when its open to the public! Rainbow theme how cute! I'm totally going to watch your wedding from a distance all those colors are going to be gorgeous!
  3. Cam Tu Ho

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    Irishgirlmd - So to confirm if I understand you correctly I'm trying to backtrack on all the threads but there are so many. You have 40+ guest and are having your dinner on (Pooldeck or whatever) you pay a $600.00 set up fee but do not have to pay the $67.00 per person? Am I understanding you correctly?
  4. Cam Tu Ho

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    Danielle, June 29, 2013!
  5. Cam Tu Ho

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    DANIELLE03, I am having a college friend do my photos so I've emailed them and asked and they said that as long as he is staying on the resort for 3 days there is no vendor fee.
  6. Cam Tu Ho

    ROR 2013 Brides

    HI IrishGirl! I'm getting married the day after you! How exciting! I'm definitely making welcome bags still not quite sure what to put in there to ensure its useful and all! I'm also doing a rehearsal bonfire on 6/28 actually! I plan on having my reception on the beach - but I'm not sure what comes with it? Do they decorate the gazebo thing or is it standard white have you gotten any details on this? I'm totally nixing Cocktail hour since my ceremony is at 5pm, I don't see it necessary to pay $30.00 p/p for food they can just go grab at the all inclusive! Seems a bit ridiculous if you ask me. I wanted to have dinner on the Pool Deck - but still deciding on the disco, the price seems a bit steep for only a couple of hours, I'm trying to find out if I can just dance at the Pool! Who freaking cares! We can all go to the disco later when its open to the public! Have you decided on cake? I tried to get Selena Wong but contacting her seems merely impossible. We should plan together! And are you from MD? I'm from VA!
  7. Cam Tu Ho

    ROR Brides (Riu Ocho Rios)

    Hello brides of RIU Did RIU provide a cake table? Is there a brides and grooms table or did you just sit with your guests?
  8. Babs Vong

    Pros: Responsive, Organized
    Cons: Reservation form is not as intuitive.
    I worked with Babs Vong as my travel agent for my wedding and it was one of the best experiences I had! She was very responsive to all of our emails and responded within 24 hours which was one of the best things ever! All of my guests were complimenting on how responsive Babs was which made it reassuring that they were taken care of.

    The only downside was the reservation form is not the most intuitive form, I'm not sure how it can be improved but, for some it was difficult to navigate through.

    Lastly, the shuttle service that came with the room could use some improving so I'm not sure if the agency wants to research on other shuttle services, some of my guests had to wait 2 hours at the airport before they were transported to the hotel which was another 2 hours. Other then that everything was great!