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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by nbateman AHHHHHH ME TOO!!!!! We're leaving next wednesday!! I really want to start packing since I'll likely not be wearing anything I'll be backing in the next week, but I've got a facial tonight, hair on thursday, wax on saturday, all these appointments!!!! Make sure you bring a pen with you on the plane, I've heard the customs form needs to be filled out on the plane and everyone will be borrowing everyone's pens, so it'll make your life a little easier if you have one. : ) Are you worried about weather?? I know it's out of our hands but I think
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jillann13 Hi ladies I have been everywhere around my town for dresses and still can't find the one Im really looking for. I have found one that i love online and am ver hesitant about buying a dress through an online shop from overseas. I have read good and bad reviews from both and then the reviews saying its either great or terrible so must be a scam. I am down to either dressilyme.com and voguepromdress.com and any advice you have or thoughts/expereinces would be helpful! Jill p.s. did anyone that had their reception at Dreams order the Mexican Decora
  3. We tip!?? I didn't think of that. There is already tax and service fee on EVERYTHING! hmmmm...crap
  4. Honestly....you look great in your dress from the pic's you posted so I really wouldn't worry about, but I know that's easier said than done....just like cutting out bread! hehe It isn't easy to totally flip the script on eating habits and especially when it's convenient to just join in with the FI and have what he's having, I totally get it. OMG, Etsy is amazing. I have bought so much stuff from there (guest photo book, photo props, favors, etc.) and I am actually thinking of getting the shave kit that someone makes on there for the Best Man and fill it with travel size goodies, just hav
  5. Sehausle OMG, your dress is amazing!!!!!! Sorry to hear about your RSVP's...We are getting married October 4th in Tulum at La Zebra, I made our RSVP date July 15th and we are done, final count 43. I have pretty much everything major done and go for what could be my final fitting today if I am good with everything. My body shouldn't change much. I'm a health nut & blogger about it as well as one of those obsessed crossfitters. What I would recommend to you is that you cut the bad sugars (lay off fruit), grains (wheat, starches), dairy, and any beverage other than coffee, tea or
  6. LIann03, there is a forum on here, search scavenger hunt. I got a ton of ideas from it and then looked up an APP for smart phones and created a scavenger hunt game for our wedding weekend festivities with a start & end date and time. Every thing is points based, you post a pic, you can see the other teams leader boards, etc. I'm sending out all this info to our guests in a Newsletter with pics of the app to download and then I'm also including a list of the things to hunt/find and their point value in our Welcome Bags so people without smart phones can play if they would like, use their di
  7. Thank you for your help!!! I'm about 2 1/2 months out now...so it's crunch time! lol
  8. @TMDAVIS13 Thanks for the review and your pictures look amazing!!! Did you have any issues bringing all your OOT bag stuff into Mexico? Who was your DJ? Thanks! Amanda
  9. I am getting married October 4th at La Zebra in Tulum, MX!!! Very excited!!! 88 more days!!! I feel like it's all the little things I need to take care of now...AND pay the $$$ haha! Happy planning everyone!
  10. It seems lately that my wedding contact/coordinator at my venue has been really delayed in responding to my emails. For instance, over 12 days late to respond or acknowledge my email! I consider myself a pretty laid back bride...I know that if they had a bridezilla on their hands that this delayed response might not fly so well... I'm a little over 3 months out until the big day in Tulum...Is anyone else having this issue?? I've made mention of this delayed response the last two times this has happened and they apologize saying they are busy with wedding....well I should be one of those we
  11. Love these templetes!!! The Advil one is cute too! I need more points!!
  12. http://www.usa-transfers.com/ This is who I plan on using
  13. Helllloooooo there.... Anyone use DJ Fermix? I searched and only saw one short review...wondering if anyone has any input. Thanks!
  14. Hello! I'm new to this site and thought I could pick your brains! I am about to sign my contract with La Zebra and fork over my deposit that holds the whole resort for our wedding. I have some concerns with the contract so I wanted to see if any of you could give me some feedback on it. 1. Giving all the money upfront. I understand putting down a deposit and I understand maybe paying 1/2 of the whole wedding costs before arrival...but paying the whole thing before it even happens...it feels a little uneasy to me. I trust them and I have been speaking with an awesome contact over
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