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  1. We are getting married on April 24th and no one has said anything to me!!! Does anyone know what their options are???
  2. Can anyone tell me when a coordinator or someone will get in touch with me or if I should reach out? We are booked for April 24th and I really haven't heard anything from anyone except the confirmation, menu options and budget planner that were all emailed to me. Thanks
  3. I agree - we aren't able to have the Pool Deck but can have the Pool Terrace because another group had it - not a wedding but another group. I dont' understand! please also, we are trying to figure out if costs can god down if we bring lanterns or if we have to get theres
  4. can't wait to see pics from everyone. we've been reading everyone's suggestions and thoughts and are excited. We are confirmed for April 24th but haven't heard from anyone at the resort. Im guessing we will in January? (hopefully). Does anyone know if we could supply our own colored paper lanterns for the lantern trees or strings and have them discounted?
  5. can you guys that have already had weddings give me some advice - the pool deck is taken for our date and they offered the pool terrace (Im not sure what it looks like) and Im hoping that it will still all look great....anything I should do instead? Also for those not having a cocktail hour - what kind of credit do you receive and also where did your guests go to hang out? was there an open bar?
  6. it depends on the number of guests. I am getting married in April and you do have to contact your vendors on your own.....photographer will be more then that. I have the ultimate package and it only covers the ceremony. Our cocktail hour is at 6 so we need multiple hours and its coming to an extra 500 almost!!! Plus if you have over 20 guests you have to pay for food/beverage. Its insane
  7. we are April 2014!!!! I'm struggling with a few things....1) our 1st choice location isn't available and I don't know if the pool terrace (concrete) is nice or how to dress it up!! Any idea would be great. Also does anyone know how the DJ is???
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Sabrina26 Has anyone shipped items to the resort, instead of bringing them on plane. I have lanterns and a few other fragile items for wedding. Iam not Sure I trust the resort to hold these items or if they even do? Not sure what to do?? Any advice would help. I asked the same question (we are getting hitched in april) and my travel agent suggested that we bring with us and pay for extra baggage. Shipping is expensive (although we are from Maine so you may be closer) and clearing customs takes a long time!
  9. Hi ladies I have been everywhere around my town for dresses and still can't find the one Im really looking for. I have found one that i love online and am ver hesitant about buying a dress through an online shop from overseas. I have read good and bad reviews from both and then the reviews saying its either great or terrible so must be a scam. I am down to either dressilyme.com and voguepromdress.com and any advice you have or thoughts/expereinces would be helpful! Jill p.s. did anyone that had their reception at Dreams order the Mexican Decorations? This is an option and I don't even know what that means or looks like
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsWWhite T these look great! Can you private message the templates to me? I cant open the power point! Thanks tons!!!
  11. These pics are amazing.....who was the photographer and also did you bring all the signs/props and decorations with you or did they have them at the resort?
  12. Just wondering where you all chose for cocktails and reception. We have cocktails at the Jacuzzi and then Reception on the Beach but are now questioning that and make boing to change from the Beach to the Pool Patio. Do you know if a dance floor comes with packages or if there is a charge? Any past pics would be fantastic! Thanks for the help
  13. awesome thanks!! What area did you have for cocktails and reception? We chose the Jacuzzi area foe cocktails and are struggling with reception location. Am pretty confused as to why there is a $1000 fee for the oceans restaurant location and what does that include.....do we still need to get a dance floor/DJ or should we just go to the resort club?
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