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  1. @JustNoelle and @Muneera- sent you both a message. @brownskingirl-The deep wave hair once dried went back to the wave pattern. If I wanted to do more of a deeper style with my hair, I used a 1" Curling Wand. They work wonders and does not take that long to curl. Sometimes when I do that, it goes right back to the deep pattern of when I bought the hair which is similar to the hair pics you guys posted. I have the same hair in from my wedding now. I've had it washed and conditioned and it still looks good. I'm here in Atlanta and I bought 3 bundles for $75-$85 from a place called "True Glory". I'm 5'10 so I bought longer lengths (22,24,26) to get it the layered look. Hope this helps!!
  2. Hey Jana LP, I have a couple of pictures I can show you. Inbox me the email address you want me to send it to.
  3. I was married on April 25, 2013. I got a sew in for the wedding with the deep wave Brazilian hair. The Spa curled it and pinned it up. For the reception, we took the pins down on one side of my hair so it seemed as though I had two different styles. The hair was perfect with the weather. I did not have to do anything to it.
  4. We were married on April 25, 2013 and had the same problem with the wishing lanterns. They have a store there called "Fontana" that will have the wishing lanterns there for you. The price was about $5.00-6 per set but they were the large ones. We chose all white for our "All White" welcome celebration for our guests. The resorts have cab drivers there that will take you. Hope this helps!!
  5. I wish I could remember, but we never asked his name. Just make sure youre prepared. I'm glad the cost of the dj was included in the price because I would not have wanted to pay the extra.
  6. Hi Iberostar Brides!! I'm back home and would like to share my experience with you. I will do a full review sometime next week. We were married on April 25, 2013. Like most of you, I panicked the majority of the time because of the lack of communication. PLEASE RELAX. Once you get there, you will meet with Nicole to go over all the details. She is very nice and will help in any way possible. Our ceremony was on the beach, the dinner was at Aunt Ruby's, and we rented a private room at the Blue Moon for the reception for $390.00 for two hours which included the DJ. We were introduced, cut the cake, our first dance, and toss were all done at the Blue Moon. Based on the forums, I thought that my party of 25 was small; however, it was just enough people for us. The negative would be the DJ we had at the Blue Moon. He absolutely SUCKED,until my videographer stepped in and spoke to the Wedding Coordinator Assistant Tiffany. Once Tiffany came in and saw that we were not dancing, but mostly laughing at how much he sucked, the music changed and we danced the night away. The weather was absolutely perfect. I looked at the weather prior to arriving and the isolated thunderstorms and showers had me worried, but it did not rain one bit while we were there. The staff were GREAT. They helped in any way possible. I give a Big Fat "F" to Delta Vacations who ruined three of my guest booking and I had to take care of that once they arrived. Other than that, everyone goes out of their way to please you in anyway possible at the resort. BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY PHOTOGRAPHER MERRICK COUSLEY and VIDEOGRAPHER ROBERT DUNKLEY www.dvsjamaica.com. His website only shows I think one wedding but once you contact him, he will send you another video upon your requests. Both gentlemen were my life line the day of the wedding. Professional and soooo helpful with soo much talent. I was scared initially because you don't really know people and you're hoping that what they are telling you is true. If you have any questions, just ask and will share anything that I know to help you because I've been there. I will post pics soon. Happy Planning Ladies!!!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm new to this page and I am excited and nervous also. My date is April 25, 2013. I received an email back fromTiffany one time. It seems that reaching her by phone is better.
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