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    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    Book resort only, some of your friends & family may not mind booking their flight seperate!! you have to wait 331 days to book flight prior to your
  2. Beautiful love tge B&W of him kissing your forhead!!
  3. jewelroc44

    Uninvited Guest !!!!!venting!!!

    univited guest should not be allowed to your wedding. Husband & wife, partners & partners, close family or friend who you are also very close to thier parents or parent, but the invitations should not alow them to self invite, heck marj it for them do not give tgem an option!! period!! good luck!!
  4. jewelroc44

    Uninvited Guest !!!!!venting!!!

    Listen nip it in the bud! No reason to explain, these are grown women, to be honest my FI listed 5 people, butI know there are more people...make your destination wedding just what it is, each person pays for themselves, that way they will think twice before including friends and other guest. You have an A & B list, once you get passed your allowed number list B has to pay. Dont stress on your day!!
  5. Kids are allowed in and at the wedding, they are also allowed at the reception
  6. jewelroc44

    Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

    same here,HRC in Punta Cana just quoted us $3000 per person, and that does not include flight May 2014, we are now looking for another resort