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  1. I have the same problem from time to time with email. :/ Just keep trying. Anyone have flower pix and prices?
  2. Sorry I have been MIA! I still haven't heard from anyone actually married there... Makes me a little uneasy. Rosy is answering some emails. I chose the biggest package...which doesn't really include that much unfortunately. So far i still don't have a lot of the details ironed out because i still don't have prices for flower arrangements (I've been asking for a quote for a OVER a month and a half with just a response saying I'm checking with the florist), still looking for photog and video, still haven't heard if my ceremony will look the way i want it to and how much it will cost, the only thing that i have booked is DJ. am still looking into video and photog because Seems too expensive. I am having a smaller wedding 30-40 ppl. On the beach ceremony with sit down dinner at one of the restaurants. I changed from iberostar grand because everything was getting too expensive!! Rooms went up tremendously from when I originally decided and prices for decor and so on was getting ridiculous. It wasn't hard to change because it was owned by same company.
  3. I know what you mean, I havent seen a thing about Iberostar Cancun weddings...it makes me nervous. I actually was originally having my wedding at the grand but just changes it to the Cancun. So im starting over easentially. I was pretty deep in the process at the other resort, also owned by iberostar. The coordinator at the grand was very responsive...Rosy not so much ;( Not excited to hear that u have been through 3 coordinators already..that is not fair to you! Have you decided where u will hold ur ceremony and reception in the complex? Any additional info u can share about weddings there? Thanks! Vanessa
  4. Hi! I am in the process of booking my wedding at the Iberostar Cancun for July 2013. how is the planning going so far? Are you finding Rosy the coordinator to be responsive? Are there a lot of extras outside of the packages they are having you pay for?
  5. Oh great to know, thanks!!! Just wondering right now how do u choose decor like the pergola, cake and flowers? How do u know if what u what is included in the package?
  6. I am planning on having my wedding at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso July 2013. The response from the wedding coordinator has been a little delayed and vague. How do you pick your decor? When do you pick it...once you are there? Do they have good options? Do they have a picture book that you make a selection from? How many days before your wedding do you need to be there to get this done? As you can see, I am lost. Any info/advice is much appreciated!!
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