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  1. Thanks, Barry, wow you'll be getting married when we will be heading out, but we will be at the resort at the same time! My TA spoke with his contacts, although, right now we don't have a back-up site his contacts said that the Woodstock area was very nice. Any information on your impression and pictures of the different sites would be great and helpful to all of the HRPC 2014 brides. Also, they both agreed that January is a pretty dry month for weather. Congratulations!!!! I know both our weddings will be wonderful. Thanks again, Angie
  2. Hey Ladies, I need help from anyone that has visited the HRPC, I'm getting married January 15, 2014 and working with Mia a Miami wedding coordinator. Well she says that all of the cocktail/reception and wedding sites are booked up and we don't have an alternate site in the case of rain. She says the only thing that is available is the Woodstock pool, which we are booked for, and which I can't find a picture of anywhere. I'm having to base my decision on her advise, which is nerve racking, because I don't know if it is a honest opinion. So, if anyone has seen the Woodstock pool could you please tell me something about Mia says that it is very nice, I can't tell from the very limited pictures and view, which it looks like a big slab of concrete, and one review said that it was one of the loudest pools. I'm at the end of my rope with this, if we don't get more information and/or the HRPC can't accommodate us with an alternative rain site we might change our plans in mid-stream and go with another hotel, although I REALLY wanted the HRPC. Please help, any information would be GREAT, thanks!
  3. This information is so helpful, thanks!!! I would love to see your templates you used. I'm getting married at HRPC January 15, 2014. Again, thank you!!!
  4. I researched several resorts and tried to review almost every review I could find. In the end, I chose the HRPC because I felt it was pretty, modern and offered the luxury that I am looking for. Also, it seems to have something for everyone and it had the party vibe that I want to celebrate our wedding. Also, I am doing the compliments of HR wedding package and I felt it offered a lot. Lastly, I felt the good reviews outweighed the bad and I know for many of our guest this will be a vacation as well as attending our wedding so I wanted to have a fun vibe for everyone. I hope this helps
  5. Hello 2014 Brides!! I just got my contract from Mia in the Miami office, she seems pretty responsive. I will have my teleconference with her soon and beginning to compile my list of questions. Any suggestions on questions, I just want to make sure that I don't miss anything
  6. I'm still waiting, my TA says the rates aren't out yet, hopefully, the rates will be out by Feb. Has any gotten rates, the rates online look pricey, $405 for 2013 and $500 for 2014, but this is off of the HRPC website. Keep us posted on the rates. Thanks!!
  7. Hi KerriAnn5, How exciting and thanks for the advise, I will do that, as you know the hair and make-up is a must to complete the look!
  8. Hello fellow 2014 Brides! I so excited we've decided on the HRPC and getting married January 15, 2014! I must agree with everyone else, this website has been a life saver! The one thing I'm wondering about and if anyone can help me with is hair and make-up. I'm not going to be able to bring my hair dresser or make-up artist and I totally inept with both. So, I was wondering if any bride used the HRPC's hair stylist and/or make-up artist and if so, what did they think and who (if they where really good). Thanks!
  9. Hi Asia Pimente, it appears that DR does not have a 3 residency requirement, but, some of the hotels, HRPC, in particular has a 3 day residency requirement. Which means you have to stay at their hotel for 3 days prior to your wedding date, which does not include the day you arrive, your wedding day, or weekends. They say it's to assist you with wedding preparations, ensure that all of your documents are in order, etc. But, this also means that since my proposed wedding day falls on a Wednesday, I will have to arrive the Thursday prior, which means I have to arrive a total of 6 days before my wedding. I really do not want to change my wedding day because it's special to us. What is a bride to do?
  10. Hello Ladies, I'm new to BDW and this is my first post. I need HELP! I am planning to get married January 2014 with hopes of getting married at the Hard Rock, which I just love. But, I see they have a 3 day residency requirement, after doing research it appears that DR no longer has a residency requirement. I need help, is there a way to get around the 3 day residency requirement or shorten the residency requirement at the Hard Rock and does DR still have a residency requirement. Any information will be helpful. Thanks,
  11. I'm planning to get married January 2014, with hopes of getting married at the Hard Rock. BUT, I'm completely stuck, I see that the Hard Rock has a 3 day residency requirement. Is there anyway to get around this? I've read and not quite sure if it is correct, that DR no longer has the residency requirement. Help!!! Thanks, for any information other brides may have.
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