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  1. Hi Suze, I'll be getting married at the Playacar Palace in October, so I'm right in the thick of figuring this out myself. I'm told the Spa/Salon is brand new and at the resort. You can use 20% of your total resort credits there toward a spa or salon service, then you have to pay any overage out of pocket.
  2. We'll be getting married on Friday, 10/4 and we will be at the resort from Monday, 9/30 - Monday, 10/7. Thanks MrsTobeD, great to know.
  3. MrsTobeD - you mentioned that you received a pdf with pictures of each location in it. Is that the same document with the different wedding-color schemes? Or is there something different that shows all of our event space options at Playacar Palace? If it's the latter, that is definitely something I'm missing and would find very helpful. Did you get it from Elvia? Thanks!!
  4. We haven't done anything either. But the resort has a hurricane policy, and most airlines do too. I think we're just going to hope for the best, and if there is weather, still try to carry on if we can. Risky, but not really sure what (affordable) protection is out there to cover everyone's travel and the wedding if it needs to be cancelled.
  5. May I ask what made you choose to use a travel agency vs. going directly through Elvia/the resort itself to block the rooms? I had actually thought the room block needed to be made directly through the resort in order for the room nights to count towards getting the unlimited events. So, I went through the resort. Everything so far seems like it's comparable, but I can't be certain...and now I'm questioning my decision not to use a travel agent! Gah. Any insight on how they've made your lives easier? And if the prices really are a better deal? Also, thanks for your feedback on your timeline for sending out the invites. Great to know! I think I need to get on getting mine out
  6. Hi Ladies! I'm a fall bride (10/4/13) but am crashing this string as well! You've all been really helpful so far, so thank you for your great insight! I was curious to know if any of you have been contacted yet by the wedding coordinators to begin the "heavy planning?" From what I understand, this happens when you're 3 months out from your wedding date, so I figured if you are mostly June brides, that has likely started happening by now. I'm wondering what, if anything, you had set/planned before this 3 month mark, and what is being set/planned now? I'm wondering if I need to book the band/dj and photographers now, or if that happens when I work with the wedding coordinator? I'm feeling kind of lost at the moment on what to do next...! Also, which outside vendors are you ladies planning to use? And did you choose the set tablescapes, or are you going to create your own by bringing your own items and using their decor vendor? Lastly, when did you ladies send out your formal invitations? I did my save the dates 10 months in advance (which featured our website that has all of the details in it already), and was thinking to send the formal invites 4 months in advance, but I'm not too sure if that's too soon ...or too far out? Sorry for all of the questions! Thank you! Lea
  7. Hi Ladies! I'm a newbie, but have been following these strings for a while now...they've been super helpful getting my feet wet, so thank you. We'll be getting married at the Playacar Palace 10-4-13 and planning is well underway AmandaPierson, you mentioned you went through a TA to lock in a group rate. May I ask why you decided not to work with a wedding coordinator directly at the resort? That's what we did (Elvia has been my contact) and now I'm wondering if we could have gotten a better deal elsewhere, eek! Also, do you know if your party would still qualify for the unlimited private events if you exceed 75 room nights if you didn't go through the resort to hold the block? I really appreciate your feedback, Lea