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  1. Hi Everyone!! 


    I'm not new to this site, it's how I chose the Riu,  though I just stumbled upon this thread and there was so much great info I had to register.


    Danielle, I hope you had a great wedding!! I feel like I'm on the same path as you! They keep messing with my time, date and pricing… And I just started T25!! 


    Some things I think I've figured out… Though we'll c how it goes. 


    To avoid the DJ/mic fees- We bought a Bose speaker from Costco for 260ish which has an ion battery that runs for 6-8hrs and downloaded a free app called micpro for free which plugs in with an aux cord for. All in all… free music for two weeks and a mic included. No $$ to the resort 


    Went with fake flowers from hibiscus floral in Toronto area…. Very fast and professional… I'll have them all week and they won't wilt. Ended up the same cost as Tia Flora. My photo is the first-not final- version of them.


    Bringing an amazing photographer from Punta Cana. Company is HDC. You own your photos and video…. Hopefully he shows up and so do the photos after. :)


    ALSO!!! The reason I signed up….. 


    For a budget friendly bride….


    I saw someone was saying they would give/sell their decor at the resort…. I thought that was awesome! I'll have lots of stuff someone is welcome to have if they are around between March 29th and April 6th.


    60 fuchsia chair ties.

    Tulle and lots of it….

    Possibly 5 tall glass vases

    pink beads and centrepieces. 


    Let me know if this helps anyone. 








    thank you..


    Just seeing this now as I dont really check this site any more.


    Wedding was great. unfortunatley i didnt have my beach wedding as it was pouring rain. But it still turned out great :)


    If anyone has any questions and I dont answer them on here send me a inbox msg and I get email notifications for that


    :) Congrats to all that have recently got married and for all of those that will be getting married

  2. We got back from our wedding yesterday and although I didn't gain any weight while we were away I sure feel it! I asked Santa for T25 for Christmas, so hopefully by the New Year I'll be rocking out to Sean T again. Party can't stop with the wedding, I've got a husband to look good for now! ;)


    Thats awesome! congrats on your wedding!!! That awesome that you didnt gain anything. I am going to be REALLY careful! lol. I figured ill eat healthy breakfast and lunch. fruits, salads oatmeal eggs etc. then supper will be like steak or something delicious from the resturants :) and I wont go with the sugary drinks!


    I hope your wedding was great and you have a great married life:)

  3. Well I think they fixed this site a little bit. THANKFULLY! lol  Well my eating wasnt on point this weekend so im back up. But I decided not to wait til after xmas to start my detox/cleanse. I am starting it tomorrow  and instead of chicken ill use turkey. This is going to keep me on track to stay way from the deserts. Ill take them but ill bring them home and freeze them for after the wedding! which is in 3 weeks! i cannot believe I leave in 3 weeks!


    I am starting week 6 tonight for focus t25. Not sure if i am still on alpha or do i go to beta from here?. I have been doubling them up last week cause i had to miss days but i got them all in. Plus snowboarding on the weekend.  This week I think i am going to do doubles again. I need to get my calorie burn up!


    So much last minute stuff to do!!! eek!

  4. Love it!


    Last week wasn't a very good week for me eating and exercise wise... so I am going to shape up this week! Hope everyones week went well!

    Well this week will be better. I got thru all my workouts last week. Friday I did my double. Plus weights. Plus some leg presses and squats. My PF said I but be about 600 calories. Sure needed that cause yesterday I had a surprise bridal shower. I didn't enfold he too much.


    Today is week 6 I think? Plus my weights. And one month today and I am a mrs! Technically I'd be married by now and just starting my pictures! Time sure flies!


    Ps I don't like the sites new set up :/

  5. Back from my wedding, November 30! :) Just a few pointers...our group was doing a double wedding (on different days, but within the same week)...we were moved to the Plantation (at no extra cost besides the 10.50 pp above the package). We were served the steak house menu, DO not pay for a bar...the pool bar is next to the plantation and the servers got drinks for our entire group of 57. The day before the wedding, Patricia offered me the private poolside reception at NO COST. I refused it because it would have been buffet style and not served. So, don't pay the $1000.00 for "private reception" at the plantation. Our friends who got married did the semi-private (same as us) and there was no one in the mammee bay restaurant, they section you off so there is privacy. Just an FYI to future brides. :)


    OH and everything went splendid. Patricia was amazing. I have no complaints. :)




    So glad to hear your wedding was great ! Do you by chance have Patricia's email. Keisha is away Nd have Patricia's email but it's wrong and I am trying to find out if she has picked up the documents for out wedding. Thanks!

  6. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Yassy View Post


    I did do the private reception at the Plantation and it was $1000 to rent it out for 4 hours (6:30pm-10:30pm, but they let us stay until 11pm which was nice:) The tables can be round or long and rectangular like mine were.  The lanterns, glass votives, dinner menus, table runners, and rose petals were added by me.  We had 10 free guests and myself and my husband were free.  Then I paid $10.50pp for the steakhouse dinner + another $10.00pp for adults and $5.00pp for children for the open bar.  I also rented the dj equipment at $200/hour (yikes) and my brother and his buddy dj'd my wedding.  At the end of the day, we paid less than what it would have cost to get married back home, and the memories you will make are priceless!!!

    Thanks! and yes just under 2 months. and time is flying. especilally with xmas just around the corner We as well are doing the private reception. She told me the round table would be extra. ( im sure that is something that could be waived if i asked. REally extra for round tables?) lol . I am def doing my own reception decoration ( the prices there are abit outrageous).   Thats basically the same quotes we got. She gave me the option of the BBQ meanu or the Plantation menu.  The open bar they were quoting us 15. So at this point I am thinking of scraping the  open bar, and just going with the drinks included because I read it was Wine, beer, and softdrinks. I figured if anyone wanted anything different they could go down to the bar. ?? Is it close by or is it a far walk?? We are having a DJ for 2 hours. 600$ But my Fi wants it :|


    I am so glad your wedding turned out amazing :) and CONGRATS AGAIN ON BEING A MRS!

  7. omg YEAH i meant one of my bridemaids. lol SMH.  Well as far as that goes. No she is depending on us to take HER dress to get altered without her putting it on???? I am throwing my hands up at it. lol if it looks bad on her its her own problem! lol. AND you think she would be right. But NOPE My other bridesmaid is pretty helpful and asking to do things and what i need done. and my SIL (MOA) if i as k her she will do whatever puls shes doing my bridal shower. Its just this other one who is being a DIVA and i might go bridezilla lol jk

    Yes I wore my Polar fit :) So  For the Total body circuit. I believe it was 214 Calories burned. And then for my Weights that day ( another 20 mins) it burned about 140 Calories

    Yesterday I did Speed 1.0 it Burned about 238 Calories and the weights I did which was Lower body burned about 140 calories as well.  Tonight on my workout scheudle its just T25 but I might do a double or do a T25 and a turbo kick or something. or a HIIT

  8. I AM! but also a little stressed. I think thats why my back and shoudlers are hurting so much right now! Ever since my bachlorette party last month shes just been a bit off.  ( she kinda drove me crazy on our trip and whined and complained about everything) I feel like ever since her wedding its "who cares about Danielles and lets sabatoge it" lol. Im sure thats not how it is, but she hasnt even gone to get her dress fitted, and she is leaving this week to texas until 2 weeks before the wedding! HELLOOOO when are you doing your dress?? at this point i dont care, if she looks stupid thats her own fault lol. And we havent even got her shoes yet AND shes missing my bridal shower that my mom and SIL are throwing for me.  OH WELL I need to go home and sweat some of this stress out! lol


    But yes! the big day is coming up, I cant believe how fast time has went. This time last year I wasnt even engaged! i was getting ready to go to Florida for xmas at my FI aunts house ! so crazy! . I am very excited tho.

  9. Well I shall let you know tomorrow morning what the calorie burn was! Ill do it for just the T25 and then ill let you know how much I burned during my weight training too.

    As much as I care about the weight on the scale. At the same time I dont. It fluctuates so much that im just like WHATEVER! logn as my clothes fit and i look good in them and i dont have to buy a bigger size then Im good lol. Besides whenever I get pregnant ill be fat again anways! :P My goal right now is to continue exercising and keeping up with it, and eating healthy (within my weight watchers points as well) This week I am really trying to stick to my daily points and drink water (with crystal light) and no pop! .. HOpe i can do it!

    Congrats on the dresses fitting! thats awesome! I go wed for I think my final fitting with my dress lady. I get to try it on with my shoes! I was hoping my veil would be in but its not yet :(

  10. Well its the start of week three! I gfot some good black friday deals! I picked up a Polar fit heart./calorie monitor at scheels this weekend. They marked it wrong as 59.99 and it is supose to be 159.99 . And they honored the pirce on the box! 100$ off ! what a steal! so now I can monmiotor how many calories I am burning during my workouts!  Yesterday I went for a job with my dog and it says I burned 158 calories in 20 mins.  Ill wear it tonight when I am doing my T25 and my strength training.   Still no real movement on the scale other then going back and forth a few l;bs. But this week its all about clean eating and training dirty!  Have a good week :)

  11. THANKS YASSY! so glad your wedding was great! I am using Brian as well and so far he has been amazing just in communication. I am just under 2 months out!
    For your bouquet did you order it before you got there or did you pick it out when you met with keisha?  I still have so much to do before I leave and I havent even started! Ill def be checking out Brians pics of your wedding. :) CONGRATS!

  12. Quote:
    Originally Posted by csho View Post

    Great job! And yeah unless you are willing to have alterations to your dress better not lose anymore!

    Last night we had a huge wind/rain storm and our power went out when I got home from my volleyball game and so I had to do my exercise by flashlight... but I still did it lol! Thankgoodness my workouts are on my laptop and it still had power on it lol!

    Oh wow! thats dedication! lol I probably wouldnt have done it. lol I actually didnt get to do mine because there was a huge snow storm last night, and i didnt get home til late, had to shovel the driveway( i guess that can be the workout) and make supper and pack for the weekend. I am gonna make it up with all the waking we will do this weekend. and then back on the grind sunday :) have a good weekend ladies!

  13. I agree! time flies! I am  just under 2 months to go til my wedding and im at the same weight i was last year when i said id lose 20. lol. Im ok where my weight is. Actually cant afford to lose anymore because my dress will be too big, but I am toninning and maintaing which is all that matters . if i lose what i want by then ill be happy. If i dont. I wont cry. But at least Im being healthy and fit at the same time!s


    20 more mins then im off work and home to finish my work out for week 2 :)

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