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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can help me find those cute stickers that brides are using for putting together the wedding survival kit. they are stick figures that say too much sun, too much fun etc. I would love to use them. I can't find a template anywhere.
  2. rockerchic


    Hi, The sunrise section at the moon palace is not under construction they just finished constructions and renovations of the rooms. Right now they are working on the renovations of the nuzic side but that will be done in about 2 months, but the construction does not disrupt the resort. I have friends that are members there and they confirmed this for me. As well I am getting married there Feb 2014 and my wedding coordinator says everything is open and will be great.
  3. Hi, my wedding coordinator at moon palace has asked if we want to use the music cd they pre-made or do we want to put music together. Does anyone know what their music is? What do you suggest?
  4. Hi ladies. Has anyone purchased a bouquet for bridesmaids? if so can you tell me the cost and if you have a picture that would be great.
  5. Hi, just wondering if anyone has insight on upgrading your room to the concierge level using the resort credits. My travel agent says in order to use the credit it has to be done at the resort the day you arrive. Is there a way you can book this before you go to the resort? Can I ask the wedding coordinator to do this once my room block has been confirmed? Any info would be great.
  6. Hi, the price for the hairstyle is that just for the bride or is that for anyone to have their hair done. My sister in law is thinking about getting her hair done by the salon down there the day of the wedding. I just want to be able to tell her the cost.
  7. Hi, I am a 2014 Moon Palace bride, cannot wait! I am wondering if anyone has a menu list for cocktails and buffet? I found a listing on the site once but I cannot find it again. The lists that I saw there were about 10 different buffet themes to choose from and I am not sure how many for the cocktail menu. If anyone has the list could you post it so I can take a look or tell me where I can find it. I have my date set but the resort won't send me anything else until 90 days prior to the wedding.
  8. rockerchic


    Hi Shan0487, thanks for the info on the rooms and the construction. I will let my travel agent know that and some of my guests who has told me that they want to stay on the nuzic side. Kind of sucks that the construction is going on. I was hoping to have the wedding on the beach but the reception on a terrace. Hopefully I will be able to have the reception not on the nuzic side.
  9. Hello, I am also getting married at the moon palace but on February 8th 2014. I was told in my confirmation of the date notice they would be in touch 90 days from the wedding to finalize all details. Hope this helps and if you find this any different please let me know.
  10. rockerchic


    Hi everyone, I am a Moon Palace bride getting married Feb 8,2014, just confirmed the date yesterday. I am sooo excited to start the planning now. The resort said they would get back to me in April with promo's and the cost on room blocks. I am hoping that someone can tell me what area of the resort is the best to stay at the Nuzic, Sunset or Grand. I have read that all the weddings take place on the Nuzic side. Any info would be great. As well when you did your room blocks with the resort did or can you request rooms. I have a couple that put in a room request to me the other day.
  11. I recommend Photo's in Cancun. My sister used them for her wedding last year and the photo's were amazing. They also give you all the pictures on a disk that same day and then they will do photo editing of 150 pictures for you. I loved her pictures so much and the professionalism of the photographers that I am booking them for my wedding. They are a couple that live in Cancun.
  12. Hi, I am new to this and I have just sent away the proposal for our February 8th wedding day to Moon Palace resort and spa in Mexico. Can't wait to really start planning. Biggest issue we are having right now is the guest list. Any suggestions on how to decide who to invite and who not to. We are planning on throwing a party when we get back so we can invite those that were not invited to the wedding. We were just going to keep it to family and really close friends, but now the debate we are having is the family we invite. Especially on his side his italian/polish. Large families on both sides. Any suggestions would be great.
  13. Hi. I am going to be sending in the wedding request form to married next year at the mom palace, can anyone tell me do I have to have a travel agent to help with the room blocks before I fill out the form or can I leave that for later, and just get the date reserved with the resort. Thanks
  14. Hi My name is Katriona and I am getting married Feb 22, 2014. Hopefully at the Moon Palace in Cancun. Can't wait. I have been reading the posts on this resort and have gotten all their information on their weddings.
  15. Hi, I am getting married at the Barcelo Palace Cabo in 2014. I have started the hunt for a photographer as I don't like the resort photographer. Can anyone recommend one? I would like to keep the cost between $1000-$2500. thanks.
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