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  1. Beautiful pics! Did you have Deco Cancun do the decorations for the ceremony? I love how that chuppah looks!
  2. I was just contacted by someone last week and I am 6 months out. Here is her contact info! Maria Fernanda Vivar TEL. 1.877.25.49.333, EXT. 1106 mvivar@palaceresorts.com She sent me a welcome email with some menus attached as well as a huuuuuge checklist which looks a little overwhelming!
  3. Thanks for the info! Good to know about the laterns and tea lights too because I don't want to spend TOO much on decorations, so it would be nice if they throw in some stuff! I'm currently 6 months out, so I'm not really stressing yet about the final details and I'll definitely wait on picking out the menus. Hopefully with the new coordinators in Cancun, things will go more smoothly than they have for brides in the past. We're thinking we're going to have anywhere from 60-75 guests so I think I'm going to have to use our unlimited events because I know our family and friends will want to spend a lot of time with us too!
  4. So sorry to hear about the rain but I'm glad you had a great time anyway I have a quick question - when you say "do not try to do or get anything ahead of time except your locations" - does that include locations for the rehearsal dinner, welcome dinner, etc. What about planning your menus for the cocktail hour and reception? I'm planning on making menu cards and would like to include a program of the wedding day and at least the day before for our guests so I assume I need to know this information before I go? Just wondering how you did it!
  5. Hi Del Mar, This may be a stupid question, but I just thought I'd ask! I'm thinking of using Zuniga as well and it's great news that you don't have to pay the $200/table set up fee if you just pay their set up fee. Does that mean that you have to order tables and chairs from them though as well? Or will they just use the tables and chairs from the resort? Thanks so much! Kristin
  6. Thanks for the info! I just recently confirmed my wedding date at Moon Palace for January 2013 and was told Beatriz would be my WC. I emailed her over a week ago - no wonder I never heard back! I just emailed my TA to find out what is going on. Quick question for any of you ladies who had your ceremony at Tucan Gazebo. Did you bring your own decorations? I've seen lots of pictures of beach ceremonies on the website and how they are set up but I'm not sure how you can decorate the gazebo. I definitely want to add some color but am not sure how I would do that! Thank you! Also, for anyone that used Deco Cancun - did you come up with your own decorations or do they send you some ideas?
  7. Jackie! That's great! We'll have to keep each other updated on how the planning is going!!
  8. That does seem pretty high, especially if your decorations are minimal. My destination wedding coordinator (from Beach Bums - who is really great btw) said that I may be able to customize some of the packages a bit. My wedding colors are blue and coral - so maybe I could use the Nautical package and add some accents of coral to it. I'll be sure to post once I can finally talk to a wedding coordinator at the resort! She also said that if you use Deco Cancun (which I've read about in some of the forums on here) that you don't have to pay the set up fee or for a day pass. So depending on their pricing, they might be a good option.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm getting married at Moon Palace on January 12, 2013! As far as a private sit down reception goes, we are hoping to book over 75+ room nights which means we would get a free unlimited private events - which would mean the reception. Has anyone been quoted what it would cost to bring your own decorations for the ceremony and reception? Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone! I just joined this site and have gotten soooo much useful information. I just found out through my wedding coordinator that I have locked in a date of January 12, 2013 at the Moon Palace Cancun! I debated between Beach and Moon Palace and finally decided Moon Palace was the place for me. I'm waiting to hear from the wedding coordinator at the resort now (even though I know I'm still pretty far out - I just wanted to lock down a date!). I'm so excited and looking forward to using so many of the useful tips I've found on this site!!
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