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  1. So we've booked! Finally May 5th, 2014 4pm. We had been looking for the 6th, but the time was taken, and I didn't fancy having the ceremony any earlier than that. When I sent in my info for the deposit, she also confirmed that we could have the Poseidon as well, which is perfect. Yay! The only other things I'm worried about looking at now is Hair/Makeup, and photography. Once we book those, I'm so happy to sit back and relax until we get closer. No sense at all worrying about menus and spaces and entertainment until we're at least in the same year
  2. I feel the same!!! It's been about 4 weeks, and the only response back was to my TA, with a "Thanks for recommending" email. No info attached, and no response since. I've booked the hotel and flights already, but no actual wedding stuff... good thing is that we're so far away, and if others are having this kind of trouble, hopefully no ones been able to book it before me! Ha!
  3. Your post inspired me to look into this mans work, and it is absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the world of Zuluspro, I hope your photos are something you'll be able to treasure for your many years of happiness to come
  4. Has anyone started looking into Photographers, or hair and make up yet? I know it's early, but it's so hard to tell when is the right time to book these things! all I read about is how in demand the good ones are, but I guess that's a good sign!!! I want to get some prices from Rashel Edwards, and have been looking at Zuluspro Photography.. have heard great things about both of them! Any ideas from you guys kicking about yet?
  5. That sounds like a really amazing day! I've heard a few good things about him, can I ask what type of package you had? I am very committed to finding a photographer who is unique and takes beautiful shots, there is nothing worse to me than traveling all the way to an exotic country to have boring photos we could have had taken anywhere. I think that too often people think wedding photography has to always be the same, when photography can be really beautiful art when the photographer is passionate about his craft.
  6. Beautiful! Your photos make me excited for when I finally get there! I may have missed this, but where was your reception held?
  7. It's too bad that your TA wasn't helpful, mine has been great. We've been having trouble getting a response from the resort, so she spent some time looking into sales managers, and managed to get an email response from Miami head office and then Erika within 2 days! Erika hasn't been in touch with me yet, but at least I feel better knowing I'm on her radar We're flying with Air Canada, Vancouver - Toronto - Montego Bay (for some of us, maybe 20 people?) And then we have others (again maybe 20 people) flying from either Heathrow or Edinburgh to Jamaica. mrs p 2 be, I notice you're from England, who have you booked with? We had looked at Thomas Cook previously...
  8. I can't even get an acknowledgment of a request! I've emailed twice in over 3 weeks, and have had zero response back. Going to try and see if my TA can have any luck. Who would have thought that trying to give a resort money would be so difficult
  9. It's so tough waiting for coordinators to reply! I just want to confirm a date for our wedding, and I can't get an answer! I'll be so sad if our date and time gets taken....
  10. I work for a hotel, and it is very common to have a clause in the contract that guarantees rooms within dates. If you hold rooms for over your given dates, that means that the rooms have not been able to be sold to anyone else. You can sometimes have a "resale" clause added that dictates if the hotel is able to resell those rooms you've released, you're off the hook basically. This will only really work if the hotel is sold out though, so I wouldn't count on it. In the end, the hotel needs to sell its rooms, so that's the reason. Hope that gives you an answer, even if it's not the best one!
  11. Thanks, that's the email I had tried previously. I'll try again and see what happens...
  12. Can someone please send me an email address of a coordinator who is active at the resort? I've sent 2 emails in 3 weeks and no one has responded. We've now started placing our guests deposits through the TA, and I need to make sure that I can secure my date for the ceremony! As well, I need to start looking at menus and deciding what we'd like to do for the reception. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  13. Do you have a coordinators email address? What information did you need to get a confirmation for a date and time? I've heard differing stories, some deposits, some passport information, some nothing! Each resort is different I can't wait to get menus and start locking down decisions! I'm dealing out of Vancouver, but all our flights are Toronto - Montego Bay. We've been using Marlin Travel, a group/wedding specialist. She's amazing! A good friend of mine got married last year in Mexico and he recommended her. Great decision so far!
  14. We've been quoted about $2100 all in Vancouver - Montego Bay with a stop in Toronto. Or we can book Toronto to Montego for around $1700, and find our own flights to Toronto. Jamaica as we've found is very difficult to get to from Vancouver! Not many groups fly there, so our options are limited. Especially with us wanting to go in May, it was even more difficult!
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