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  1. Hello there. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I can't post them on here other than in an attachment Do you have an email address I can send them to? Where are you located?
  2. Do you have an email address I can send them to? I don't think I am at 150 posts yet either. It's rather annoying! Let me know where I can send pictures. Take care
  3. Thank you VegasBride121314. Hopefully it sells it's a gorgeous dress.
  4. I am selling my wedding dress. Serious inquiries only. It is a beautiful Alfred Angelo dress. Taffeta, Organza, Rhinestones, Crystal Beading, Pearls, and chapel train I also had the beaded belt sewn right into the dress so it wouldn't interfere with the corset back. The dress is a size 14 but with a corset top so could go up or down a size. I did have minor alterations done to the dress. It was just taken up in the length. I'm fairly tall at 5'7" and wore heels (approx. 3inch heels). Can still be altered to be shorter. Serious inquiries only please.
  5. Hey ladies. Just a quick question. Did anyone have any trouble receiving their marriage certificate? We were married Jan 25th. I emailed the wedding coordinator because I was wondering if there was a tracking number for the certificate. I was anxious to see where it was in transit. Giselle emailed me back and said that she would need my address to send the certificate. I didn't think we had to request this. I filled out an information sheet prior to us going to Cuba. There was a spot there that said "home address (so we can send certificate)". Giselle said she sent it out for mailing but s
  6. Hey it's the least I could do you girls are amazing. The extra hour will be good for you. We were a little rushed for pictures. When the sun goes down it goes down fast. I had 43 people attend our wedding. So there were 11 of us at the head table and then 16 under each palapa. The only thing I didn't care for was that people had their backs to each other. The head table was kind of in a horseshoe shape and the other palapas had back to back long tables. That's a great idea to send someone to check it out. My photographer was awesome. I think we will become great friends. Love her xo Y
  7. Hey guys. Long time no talk. How is everyone? How is planning? I finally have some time to post. Sooo.......the wedding was absolutely perfect. The weather was just gorgeous (all thanks to Matt's dad). I wasn't nervous at all. The day of the wedding the girls and I went for breakfast and then sat around the pool for a bit and then got ready. It was such a relaxing day. I only started to get nervous when I was about to walk down the aisle. It was fine though. We didn't write our own vows but I would highly recommend this. I just feel it would be a nice touch. If you're not a cryer like I am
  8. Hey ladies. I'm so sad this site is so hard to navigate now. It used to be something I looked forward to in my day. We are officially 18 sleeps away from leaving. I'm a wee bit nervous but sooooo excited. I can't wait! Kay are you all ready? I still have a page of things to do but I'm steadily getting things done. It's really just finishing up things. How is everyone else doing? How are things coming along?
  9. Thanks Carina. I hope they do too. I'm worried! We pick them up this Sunday. oh those sounds nice. I can't wait to see what they look like. I love coral. Good choice. I don't care for this site at all now. I'm sure I will get used to it. If I could find out how to add pictures I would be a happy camper. I'll keep trying. I finally have some pictures from the Jack and Jill, I would love to share. Yipee I found out how to post pics!! So officially 42 days to go. I can't believe it. Time has just flown by. Going with one of my bridesmaids today to have her dress fitted. This wi
  10. Hey guys! The site has changed. Hard to navigate but we will get used to it. Sorry I've been so MIA as well. My 13 year old sister just moved in with us and it's hectic to say the least! I picked up my flowers last Sunday. They were not what I ordered but thought I could love them so I took them home. Nope can't love them so I called and the lady that runs the business informed me that she had her sister working that day and she had never worked there before. She told me she could understand how my vision got lost in translation. So she's re-doing them for me. All peonies. Hopefully it
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Lydia1120 had to share one more pic that was posted today on FB...I wish I could remember what was so funny...the picture is priceless So priceless. Love this shot!
  12. Thanks Lydia. I know I wish I could post it as well. Maybe I'll try to post it to you tube tonight and see if that works. I can't make your video work Kay....can you send it to 1802@drps.ca. Excited to see it
  13. Yes it's been busy! It will definitely fly by. I keep saying that to my fiance. My bachelorette party is on the 4th of January. That's it for the party part of it and then we can get all packed and ready to go. I can't wait. Hopefully I will get my DIY projects finished soon and can post some pictures. Can't wait to share. How are things with you Carina?
  14. Lydia - You looked amazing. Those pictures are so nice. Everything came together wonderfully. Contratulations. Love the group shot!! Kay - Looks like your jack and jill was fun!!! Your outfits were cute. Love the t's you made. Hope it was a success. Speaking of the pie in the face. I really wish we could post videos. I have a great one too. I was originally supposed to get the pie in the face and then everyone threw in money for Matt to get it. I was standing near (big mistake) Matt and they pied me in the face instead of him!!! It was perfect. My MOH slowed down the video and put sounds e
  15. I agree. I have said countless times, "oh there is lots of time". Now it is just about two months away!! Ahhhh I can't wait though. Our jack and jill was a great success. It was very overwhelming to see the love and support from our families and friends. Everything went well. We had a ton of food left over and donated it to a local men's shelter. It was a fabulous night. My only regret was not having a DJ. I would definitely try and find a friend who does this or is at least willing to man the music all night. There wasn't much dancing because of this. It was still a great time. So you
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