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  1. Can someone PLEASE e-mail me this template? I do not have enough posts yet and I am running out of time!! kam62182@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  2. Hey! Just reminding you to e-mail me the templates when you get a chance. Thanks again!!
  3. We are staying from the 6th-13th. We will just miss you! Does anyone have the templates for the first aid kits or the wedding weekend survival kits? If you do, can you please e-mail them to me? My e-mail is kam62182@yahoo.com. I am trying to finish our OOT bags and I am not at 150 posts yet. You will be my hero if you can help me out!!
  4. Hi!! I am also a November bride!! Hometown: Erie, PA Wedding Date: 11/11/2013 Ceremony: Beach Ceremony Time: 4:00 Reception : Dinner at Aunt Ruby's and then a bonfire Guests Attending: 30-35 Fiance's Name: Justin I am starting to feel the stress! November is approaching way too fast!!
  5. Can anyone send me these templates? My e-mail is kam62182@yahoo Thanks!!
  6. Can someone e-mail me the template for this? It is kam62182@yahoo. Thanks!!
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