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  1. I leave next saturday for my wedding, Sept 17th is the day and i couldnt be more excited. I was worried when i got the email saying Marlene is no longer there and Aris has now been assigned to me. I just felt relief when i read that lol I hope everything goes as smooth as everyone elses did
  2. Can you send me that picture of the centre piece if possible. Just wanted to see if it was the same as Marlene had sent me before Thank you
  3. Looking at the pictures is just getting me much more excited to get down there and have this wedding I will be down at BBPD Sept 14-21 2013 and my wedding day will be Sept 17th @ 4pm We chose the Tangerine package. Decided it was the best package for us because it included almost everything we wanted. Im not sure if anyone has done this but I was thinking of making the bridesmaid bouquets here and have them bring them (fake flowers) down to the Domincan instead of paying extra for the flowers there. Not sure if that will work. And im looking for ideas on centre pieces only because i dont want to be paying $50 or more if i dont have to and bring something from here to decorate the tables. Also i was wondering about the dinner seating and welcome guest book. Did they supply that to you or should i be making up and bringing my own?
  4. I am hoping to have my wedding at the BBPD in Sept 2013, i have read some of the posts here, just wondering who has gotten married there and how was it?
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