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  1. @@Linz1131 same with my family, they have complained about how far away, too expensive blah blah. I just told them they don't have to go if it's an inconvenience for them. It's MY WEDDING and i can do the F i want. That pretty much shut them up LOL
  2. @@Linz1131 Hey 19 is a good number considering you're still months away from your wedding. So far i only have 6 people booked lol. My family has not booked yet, um that's not a surprise haha. I am doing the seaside serenade package and the basic photo video is included (worth $700) I am doing TTD session later from an outside photographer so i am more excited about that lol
  3. @@Linz1131 that's true! i just didn't want to deal with the hassle of "regrouping" after the ceremony so i'm doing the dinner reception. how many guests are you expecting and when are you getting married?
  4. I just want to get my 6 or 10 rooms to get my freebies! That's all i'm stressing about now LOL.
  5. ARRIVAL OF GUESTS (all 3 songs by Vitamin String Quartet) Wonderful Tonight Landslide Have i told you lately All i want is you PROCESSIONAL (i only have a MtOH and Best Man so it would be silly to have different song for each lol) Thousand Years - The Piano Guys SAND CEREMONY We are Man and Wife - Michelle Featherstone EXIT PROCESSION ***haven't decided on this one yet***
  6. Lol i was thinking the same thing. No i didn't post in there. Just lurking. Was interested on what to expect at the resort, what's the weather like etc
  7. I got a maggie-midgley dress i love it. it's a simple chiffon dress and i will be doing a TTD session after. We are looking at about 40guests. Do you have your dress yet??
  8. Hey you might find this forum helpful. http://www.tropictravelonline.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=10&page=1 These are sandals/beaches regulars. It's frustrating that there aren't any sandals brides in here
  9. i know! i really would like to include the schedule in my welcome pre travel packet with the OOT bags. We're giving ours a month before the trip. are you bringing all your stuff to the resort??
  10. BTW HERE'S THE WEEKLY THEMES & EVENTS AT SANDALS EMERALD BAY Monday - Manager’s Cocktail Party 06:00pm-7:00pm Tuesday - White Night Chocolate Late Night Buffet 07:00pm-9:00pm Wednesday - Casino Charity Sandals Select Dinner 08:30pm-10:00pm Thursday - Reggae Night 09:00pm-10:00pm Friday - Junkanoo Beach Party 07:00pm-9:00pm Saturday - Cabaret 09:00pm-10:00pm Sunday - Love Is All You Need Lover’s Game Show 09:00pm-10:00pm of course schedule is subject to change but i really hope they do the beach party on friday so that would be perfect as welcome party for our guests.
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