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  1. Hi Erica! Thank you for your review!! My wedding is at the Grand Palladium Dec 7 2013! Im so excited! LOVED you photos and I just contacted Sandy may for a price quote, hoping she's not too expensive! Thanks again for your review!!
  2. Ok thank you,, yes i have been to palladiumweddings.com but there wasn't really any info on actual reception costs just the extras. I was just curious about the ballpark range I should be looking at.. Thank you!
  3. Hey everyone!! I just booked our date ( we didn't get the one we wanted at first) so our date is Dec 7, 2013... I am trying to find extra info on reception prices and extras.. just wondering if anyone on here can give me their costs for the reception.. we booked the blue lagoon for the reception. thanks and happy planning!
  4. Hey everyone!! My fiance and I are in the final stages of securing our date but it seems that most of the 4pm slots are taken.. so we are trying to figure out what we would do with our guests if our ceremony were at 2pm.. any suggestions?? also knowing that another wedding is taking place at the sameish time (reception anyways) did anyone run into any hiccups in the booking? how does it work? If anyone has input or suggestions I would totally appreciate it!! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more reviews!!! Ashley
  5. Your Wedding looks so beautiful!! I would also love to know where you got those paper lanterns, as Ive always wanted to do that, so pretty!! My fiance and I just decided on the Grand Palladium for our wedding and we are so excited!!! also wanting to do the angels atrium, and your pictures sealed the deal for me! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding.. PS if you could email me the details on those lanterns I would very much appreciate it perreault.ashley@gmail.com Ashley
  6. Does anybody know what the vendor fees are for the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach???
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