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  1. If Chris is leaving, and you have the opportunity, it would be better to book him through his other photo studio (i think it's sungold) than through Arrecife. The photo packages through Arrecife do not provide you with as many photos as an outside photographer would. With our package we got 60 photos and we had to pay 11 bucks for each additional photo. With an outside photographer you get all the usable images (300 - 400 pictures). Also, due to the issues Chris was having with Arrecife at the time of my wedding in January, Chris was not able to edit the photos. Arrecife edited them and they were terrible! I had no idea how much of a different editing would make. It's important for the photographer to edit their own photos. Chris took fantastic images and then Arrecife did some really weird things to them when they edited them. In the end we got all of the raw images so we can edit them ourselves. We had a great time in the Bars in the square. It's a really cute area. The bars weren't very busy, but we had such a big party with us that our group was all we needed to make it a great time. It's really what you make of it i guess! The disco floors are gross! DO NOT WEAR YOUR WEDDING DRESS IN THERE! I wore white pants one day to the disco and ended up throwing them out. The floors gets really dirty with drinks and who knows what else and my pants were pretty much black when we left
  2. How far in advance? I'm just planning on bringing ours with us and giving it to her when we meet. Also, any already married brides have rain on their wedding day? Both the ceremony and reception are supposed to be outside. The forecast in Runaway Bay says rain on my wedding day It's great if they can delay the ceremony a bit if needed, like someone mentioned previously but wondering what they do if it's really raining. Also, i'm bringing 50 Coral chair sashes, 20 hanging lanterns that light up, 7 vases with seashells and star fish for centrepieces.... Anyone want them when I'm done? I think someone said they did before but i don't remember! I'm at the resort until the 18th of January.
  3. These are the addresses I have. SPA Manager BPJAM - spamanagerbpjam@bahia-principe.com SPA BPJAM - spabpjam@bahia-principe.com I'm assuming you can book when you get there. Knowing there are numerous weddings a day i'm trying to book in advance just to be safe. I'm doing a TTD shoot off site the day after my wedding so there could potentially be 3 other brides trying to get there hair done that day. They were quick to respond to the initial email of Vinnette connecting us but I emailed last week and haven't heard back regarding booking an appointment :s My wedding is next week! Hopefully someone gets back to me. I'm trying to book the mani and pedi that comes with the wedding package for the day we get there! I don't have time to do one this week and no one needs to see my ugly toes! lol. And I'm trying to book hair and make-up for the day after the wedding. I'm getting misha Earle to do hair and make-up the day of the wedding.
  4. I copy and pasted the Spa Wedding Packages... Sorry for the messed up format. All the info should be there: SPA WEDDING PACKAGES PROGRAMA ESPECIAL DE BODAS Three days organized exclusively for you, to relief all the stress before your wedding’s day… Let us pamper you, relax and be ready for the most special day of your life! Tres días exclusivamente organizados para ti, para alejar el estrés antes del día de tu boda... Déjanos mimarte, relájate y ponte a punto para el día mas especial de tu vida! PACKAGE 1 Romantic Caribbean Sunset PAQUETE 1 Romántico Atardecer Caribeño First Day Bridal Style Trial (included) + Pack French Manicure and Pedicure + Groom’s Hair Cut Primer Día Prueba de Peinado de Novia (incluido) + Manicura y Pedicura Tradicional o Francesa + Corte Caballero Second Day (Wedding Day) Bridal Styling and Make up Segundo Día (Día de la Boda) Peinado de Novia + Maquillaje Third Day Couple’s Relaxing Caribbean Massage for 50 min, Enjoy a Romantic Caribbean Sunset at the Beach area Tercer Día Masaje Relajante Caribeño 50 min en Pareja Decorado con velas y flores en compañía de un hermoso atardecer Caribeño en la playa (Real price: 360 US$) Now: 288 US$ (Precio Real: 415 US$) Precio de Oferta: 332 US$ PACKAGE 2 Summer Fantasy PAQUETE 2 Fantasía de Verano First Day Bridal Style Trial (included) + Pack Mani/Pedi BahiaSpa + Ultra Moisturizing Facial Treatment + Groom’s Haircut Primer Día Prueba de Peinado de Novia (incluido) + Manicura y Pedicura BahiaSpa + Tratamiento Facial Hidratante + Corte Caballero Second Day (Wedding Day) Bridal Styling and Make up Segundo Día (Día de la Boda) Peinado de Novia + Maquillaje Third Day V.I.P. Special Couple’s Massage, decorated with flowers, candles and aromatherapy For her: Relaxing Caribbean Massage (50 Min) with Bamboo For him: Deep Tissue Massage (50 Min) Tercer Día Programa VIP Especial para parejas decorado con velas, flores y Aromaterapia Para ella: Masaje Relajante Caribeño con Bambú Para el: Masaje Muscular profundo (Real Price: 674 US$) Now: 540 US$ (Precio Real: 550 $) Precio de Oferta: 440 $ NO PACKAGE SERVICES SERVICIOS SIN PAQUETE Bridal Hairstyle: Peinado de novia: Includes a trial 1 or 2 days before the wedding Incluye prueba de peinado 1 o 2 días antes de la boda PRICE/ PRECIO: 120 US$ Make Up: Maquillaje: Our makeup Stylist will perform a perfect make-up, in harmony with the hairstyle. Nuestra estilista le realizara un maquillaje, que combine perfectamente con su peinado. PRICE/ PRECIO: 75 US$ Special Hairstyle (trial is not included): Peinado Especial (La prueba no está incluida): Special Hairstyle for bridesmaids, family and friends Peinado pensado para damas de honor, familiares y amigos PRICE/ PRECIO: 80 US$ Bridal Hairstyle and Makeup: 210 US$ Special Hairstyle and Makeup: 155 US$ Peinado de Novia y Maquillaje: 210 US$ Peinado Especial y Maquillaje: 155 US$ Traditional or French Manicure: Manicura Francesa: Complete manicure, includes complete nail care, scrub and a massage. French style. Manicura completa, incluye cuidado completo de las uñas, exfoliación y masaje. Esmalte al estilo francés. PRICE/ PRECIO: 45 US$ Bahia Spa Manicure: Manicura Bahíaspa: Complete manicure, includes complete nail care, scrub, ultra moisturizing mask and massage, with the nail polish of your choice. Manicura completa, incluye cuidado completo de las uñas, exfoliación, mascarilla hidratante y masaje con esmalte a su gusto. PRICE/ PRECIO: 40 US$ Bahia Spa Manicure with Paraffin: Manicura Bahíaspa con Parafina Complete manicure, includes complete nail care, exfoliation, paraffin mask and massage with the nail polish of your choice. Manicura completa, incluye cuidado completo de las uñas, exfoliación, mascarilla de parafina y masaje con esmalte a su gusto. PRICE/ PRECIO: 55 US$ French Pedicure: Pedicura Francesa: Complete pedicure, includes complete nail care, exfoliation, removal of calluses and massage. French nail polish. Pedicura completa, incluye cuidado completo de las uñas, exfoliación, eliminación de duricias y masaje. Esmalte a la francesa. PRICE/ PRECIO: 65 US$ Bahía Spa Pedicure: Pedicura Bahía Spa: Complete pedicure, includes complete nail care, exfoliation, removal of calluses, mask and massage. Nail-polish of your choice Pedicura completa, incluye cuidado completo de las uñas, exfoliación, eliminación de duricias, mascarilla y masaje. Esmalte a su gusto. PRICE/ PRECIO: 60 US$ Bahía Spa Pedicure with Paraffin: Pedicura Bahíaspa con Parafina: Complete pedicure, includes complete nail care, exfoliation, removal of calluses, paraffin mask and massage. Nail polish of your choice Pedicura completa, incluye cuidado completo de las uñas, exfoliación, eliminación de duricias, masaje de parafina y masaje. Esmalte a su gusto. PRICE/ PRECIO: 80 US$ MANICURE and PEDICURE: MANICURA y PEDICURA: Francesa 90 US$ French 90 US$ Bahíaspa 80 US$ Bahía Spa 80 US$ Bahíaspa con Parafina 110 US$ Bahíaspa with Paraffin 110 US$ ESPECIFICACIONES: Una vez realizada la prueba del peinado de novia, y de su aceptación, se tomará una fotografía del peinado y se desmontará el mismo. El día de la boda se realizará el mismo peinado aceptado por la novia, de acuerdo a la fotografía Los servicios de maquillaje no incluyen prueba Se exige puntualidad para todos los servicios elegidos. Nuestra intención es cumplir con la satisfacción de los mismos evitando retrasos. Para los paquetes, se cargará el 70 % en el primer servicio. El 30 % restante se cargará el día del último servicio. Para los servicios normales de peinado y/maquillaje (prueba de peinado y servicio el día de la boda), se realizará el cargo el día de la prueba, una vez quede definido el peinado elegido por la novia. No se aplicaran descuentos adicionales en los Paquetes de Bodas contratados en origen (Free Wedding, Sunshine, Unforgettable, Romance Extravaganza, etc) en el Programa Especial Spa Novias: Los descuentos no son acumulables ni aplicables a circuitos de hidroterapia, trenzas, productos de venta, ofertas y promociones especiales y servicios de salón el día de la boda. Déjenos saber si está embarazada, antes de realizar su reserva de Spa. GENERAL TERMS Once the hair trial done and the bride do agree, the hairdresser will make a photo of the chosen style, after that, the hairdresser will take off the hairstyle. At the wedding day, the chosen hairstyle will be the one that the bride picks the day of the trial. The make-up services do not include a trial. The bride must arrive on time, if you are late more than 10 minutes, we cannot guarantee your booking. For the Spa packages. The Spa will charge 70% of the bill the day of the trial, and the rest (30%) will be charged the day of the last service. For regular bridal hair style all charges will be done the day of the trial, once the bride agrees with the hairstyle she chose. The wedding packages’ discounts (Free wedding, Sunshine, Unforgettable, Romance and Extravaganza) from the hotel wedding department are only available for massages, not for the Spa wedding packages. The Hidrotherapy services (Spa Circuit), braids, products, special treatment of the month, and bridal/bridemaids style does not included any discount. Let us know if you are pregnant, before you book our services.
  5. Message me your email address and I can send it to you. I can't post this to this forum. The Tai flora brochure does not have prices. You need to email your selections to the wedding planner and hope she gets back to you! I also have the Jan's floral brochure (with prices). The seem to have nicer options. Just waiting to hear back from Vinette to confirm that it's cheaper going with Jan's.
  6. Hey there, I'm getting married January 2014. I keep seeing people posting about the Pisces costing $2500 to rent out (on this forum and another). I was quoted $1700 when i booked so that's what i'm planning for. I'm afraid to email them to ask because i don't want to have evidence of them telling me the price went up before we're ready to pay when we get there! I'm definitely bringing all the emails with me where they quote the prices. Anyone having to pay $2500 for the Pisces yet? or is that a 2014 thing?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by CdnBrideJoanne Quote: Originally Posted by AlLo First question! Does anyone have any feedback for the earlier ceremonies? The date we want has another wedding later in the afternoon so 1pm is the only time available. What would the guests do until dinner at 6:30?? Thanks! Lauren Hi Lauren, I am in the same boat as you, our wedding is at 12 pm. Originally we were going to do a catamaran cruise with our guests with the Scubaquatic vendor on the resort between the ceremony and dinner but he can only take 35 guests and we have 41. We're just going to do the ceremony and pictures and then people can do whatever they want and then meet back at the lobby bar at 5 for cocktails and then dinner at 6:30. I may even go swimming for the afternoon lol. I originally joked that I was going to buy a white bathing suit and wear a veil at the pool bar but now I think I may just do it! Joanne @ Joanne. This picture is for you! lol
  8. Hi there, Has any previous brides had Out of Town bags are got the resort to put gifts in guests rooms? We have beach bags and bubbas for everyone that we're hoping someone at the resort can put in everyone's rooms. Do they do this? Thanks
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by CdnBrideJoanne Dolce Vita Set Menus: MENU Nº 1 Cream of Tomato and fresh Basil Spinach Ravioli with Sauce "Boscaila" Beef Scalloppini with Fungi Sauce Porcini Tiramisu MENU Nº 2 Minestrone Soup Neapolitan Penne Rigatto Seafood Choppino Panna cotta MENU Nº 3 Caprese Salad Cream of Roasted Squash and Thyme Chicken breast with ricotta, walnuts and bacon - basil - risotto crunch Profiteroles with Cream and Chocolate Coulis The Grill Set Menus: MENU Nº 1 Coleslaw Salad Onion Soup au Gratin with Bread Crouton Mix Grill Cheese cake MENU Nº 2 Caesar salad with chicken Beef and Vegetable Soup Snapper with Balsamic Sauce and Tequila Reduction Lemon pie MENU Nº 3 Blue Cheese Salad Mexican Tortilla Soup Grilled Lamb Chops with Baked Potatoes Apple crumble How does it work at this resort? Do we have to pick one of those options for our guests or do they get to choose from 3 options at the dinner? We're using the Picsis so I think we get to pick from either of those menues
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 @MrsViolo - And the icing on the cake? It will be warm there while it's cold here...and you get a week long vacation with some of your favorite people! Exactly!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by tram13 Quote: Originally Posted by CdnBrideJoanne Quote: Originally Posted by HopeToBe Also....does anyone else think it's highway robbery that they charge you a supplemental fee as part of the package if you have more than 30 ppl, AND THEN want to charge $1700 or $2500 to close out a private venue? Isn't that double-charging? What is the point of paying a supplemental fee if we're paying for a private venue? Don't both supplemental and private venue cost cover the same thing?? It's also crap that if you have more than 30-40 ppl then they basically force you to have a private venue...which means they're basically forcing you to pay $1700 or $2500. How does that make sense too? Getting super frustrated with this place. Not sure if anyone else is having the same headaches? I agree, it's double charging. What I can't believe is the Dolce Vita holds 180 people and they want me to shut down the restaurant for my 41 guests?? That's ridiculous. Set me and my guests up at the buffet then! CdnBrideJoanne - I don't think that you have to pay to close out a restaurant until you reach over 50 guests. I think that's the lowest figure I've seen! And, it seems that even at that, to close out some venues, they want you to have at least 45 guests. At 4 guests, you're still under that! Yes, the extra prices are annoying. I make myself feel better about them when I think about how much I would be spending if I decided to have a wedding, just as nice, at home. 5 grand in Jamaica vs. 40 grand at home for something equivalent
  12. Hi Everyone, I have a question i'm hoping people who have already been at the resort can answer. I have a couple of gay friends that would like to come to our wedding but our weary about travelling to Jamaica. Apparently homosexuality (sexual acts between men) is actually illegal in Jamaica and it's considered one of the most homophobic places on the planet! Has anyone had gay men as guests to their wedding and/or have any idea if my friends should feel safe to come? Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by erbo27 Hello everyone, I am new to this site and am very happy I came across it almost a year ago when I started planning my wedding. Thanks BARB2014 for posting the pictures of the reception dinner areas. We chose the Dolce Vita! Username: erbo27 Name: Erin & Will From: Calgary, AB Location: Grand Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay, Jamaica Date: March 27, 2014 Photographer: Misha Earle Makeup: Rashel Edwards Congrats everyone!!! 😀 Anyone else on here getting married at this resort in late March of 2014? I'm also using Misha Earle (for a trash the dress shoot off the resort the day after our wedding) and Rashel Edwards!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by HopeToBe Quote: Originally Posted by BARB2014 Hi if you send me your email address I can send you some pics that i received of the piscis. It is a covered outdoor area right by the beach. They do decorate it with mini lights on the trees but you can add lanterns etc if you want to add some colour. It's a beautiful setting as I was there on vacation just this April. You will get beautiful sunset shots. It is quite informal, but the view to me is what made me choose it for my reception. Also it's private, away from most things. There is a bar there too. If your looking for more formal then I would suggest the Italian restaurant which is right next door. I have pics of that too. The Italian restaurant is indoors, they have a little section off to the side which they reserve for weddings etc. It's away from the main resort guests. If you don't want to pay for the Piscis, but still want that private feeling then this would be the way to go. The steakhouse is not private at all......i did not like that.....however I liked the food there. If you rent the Piscis, yu can choose your menu from any of the restaurants. Hope this helps. Barb Hi Barb Wondering if you could pls post or email photos of the Dolce (Deanna1017@hotmail.com). Even tho it's indoors can you still see the water / sunset? Also, how small of a section is it inside for weddings? Do you think its at least big enough to seat 60 ppl? What about dancing afterward? Thanks in advance for any more insight you can share + photos! I was under the impression that if you rent out one of the indoor restaurants (e.g., the Dolce) for 2500 that only include the private dinner and does not include dancing or DJ after. Based on this forum it sounds like people who have their dinner at one of the indoor restaurants typically rent out the gazebo for dancing or just go to the disco. Please correct me if i'm wrong Renting out the Piscis for $1700 includes the DJ and dancing after.
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