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  1. Hi! No I didn't, I used my sister. From what I could tell the sandals photography was very expensive for weddings. Even the pictures they would take of you around the resort they would try to sell to you for about $20 for one picture. It was very overpriced
  2. Hi ladies!! Just got back a week ago from our amazing wedding at sandals royal Caribbean! I took a ton of pictures and would be happy to answer any questions you guys have. I had a really hard time finding good information so I would love to help any one out. If you'd like to email me, feel free!! jilliewienand@gmail.com
  3. Hi ladies!!! We're back from our wedding at sandals royal Caribbean! I took a million pictures for everyone on this forum, I had a hard time getting info before I left so if you have ANY questions email me!! jilliewienand@gmail.com
  4. Hi Mary! I don't have the kit, I can look harder tomorrow but I changed emails midway through the planning process and a few emails got lost. If there's something specific you're looking for let me know, I might have it because I'm buying it )
  5. Hi ladies! When did you meet with your on site coordinator to go over the last minute details about your wedding? I am trying to make a basic itinerary for us and our guests and I wanted to schedule it in...is it usually the day after you arrive? Thanks for your help!!!
  6. I know but I totally agree with you! I'll let you know what we end up doing, we leave in a week!
  7. Hey Girls, I have 10 people coming to our wedding including us, and they are telling me we have to get an extra table because their tables only fit 8. they also said it has to be a round table, and if we want a rectangular one we will have to pay extra. They will give us two round tables, but they will have to butt them up against each other. I don't want the tables to be separated because I want everyone to be close together for an intimate dinner, not divided and separated. Any one else have this problem for 2 extra table settings?! I also was told I had to pay $18 for 3 votives, I wa
  8. I never got it! did you send it to jillianstaffiera@gmail.com? no caps or periods or anything
  9. I would love that! jillianstaffiera@gmail.com I haven't really got to that part yet, but I'm working on it ;o) I've been reading a lot of stuff about brides knowing to request certain things, like white chairs instead of brown that don't cost any extra money but they won't do for you unless you ask, have you seen any more of that kind of stuff? I want to make sure I don't get jipped on something just because I was totally clueless about asking. What room are you guys staying in and how long will you be there?
  10. hey! i couldn't see the reception stuff you posted, just the message before that saying you were planning on doing that. maybe it doesn't work on the chat? you can email me if that's easier jillianstaffiera@gmail.com where can I find the do's and don'ts section?
  11. We're doing Beautiful beginnings too, it looks great. that's nice there's so few of you I'm sure that will make it easier! There's only about 10 of us. Honestly I wanted to just go to dinner after the wedding at one of the restaurants because it's inclusive by our travel agent said they probably wont put that many tables together so we can all sit together so we'd be separated, and that seemed not worth it. I can find the price per dinner, but I'm sure there will be charges for the tables, and linens and everything else right? We're going to go to the night theme party after our dinner, I t
  12. Hi! I'm also getting married at Sandal's royal caribbean!! Our wedding is on January 6th, 2013. Luckily, my sister is a wedding photographer so she'll be taking care of that for us so I'm no help on that front. Have you decided what kind of reception you're going to have? I'm trying to find out more information about what my options are for a private dinner without much luck...
  13. Hi!! I'm so happy I found you guys! We're getting married at sandals royal caribbean in January! I'm having the hardest time finding info on reception options and wedding options and our sandals representative takes a week to respond to my questions via email, so frustrating. are you doing any kind of add ons while you're there?
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