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  1. I posted on here a long time ago and now that I had m y wedding, I am posting pictures. I got my dress from DhGate, seller Weddingdress88. The total cost for me incuding shipping was $189. I did not need one alteration, as it was perfect. The pictures do not do it justice, but the beading was amazing and intricate. Here is the original: Here is me: My entire bridal party cost for what is shown is this picture, including suits was under $600! For some reason, when I uploaded these on here it destroyed the picture quality. The actual pictures are really much better:( It was a dream wedding beyond my wildest expectations. I am SOOO happy that I chose to go the custom made route instead of paying the $2000-3000 for the original. It is something I will NEVER regret. Side note: by using Weddingdress88, I was able to get all 3 bridesmaids dresses (one is not shown) and my dress for the price that my dress alone would have been at Jasmines.
  2. I have pictures of my dress, but I did not use Babyonline. I used Weddingdress88 on the DHGATE site. . . DHgate is like Ebay or Etsy. They have thousands of sellers on the site, and each one is very different in quality/craftsmanship. The pics of my dress are on here. .
  3. I would order from weddingdress88 on DHgate if I were you. They did an amazing job on my dress. . .very skilled craftsmanship and prompt communication. Maggie will do any dress if you send a picture just be specific. Only downside, they do not use real crystals for beading, so if you want that you will have to specify. I ordered bridesmaids dresses from a different dhgate seller as well, and was NOT impressed!
  4. @brownskingirl: Are you able to go online directly to the bridal websites and order from there instead of going to a bridal salon? David's Bridal always has good deals on their knockoff's w/out the "risk" of custom made shopping just go to www.davidsbridal.com; they sell for $99 to $1299, depending on styles. Otherwise, if you go to www.dhgate.com and search vendors for weddingdress88 they will do any custom made dress you send them a picture of. I would just be very care to specify materials you want used and beading specifications. They only cost around $155 to $185 USD, and I had good luck. There ARE options out there besides Jasmine's. I suspect the quality of Jasmine's might be dropping because of internal issues at the store that other brides mentioned i.e employee shortage, and too many work orders.
  5. I agree with you completely! Those errors were not little "normal" things, and you are not over reacting or being petty. I can't believe they let that leave the store. At least you know that in your pictures, especially once the corset is removed, you will look great. It's just that you want it to look just as good in person, I understand that. I do think Jasmines over charges and if people shopped around they could find some other custom dress maker for half the price/better quality. I am in love with mine, perfect fit/material and the only thing I'm doing is adding swarvoski crystals on the bodice. It only cost me $189, which goes to show how much Jasmines is up charging for their "designer quality". When is your wedding? I'm sure you get a custom dress from the place I got mine for around $185 and receive it in a month, if you have time. If you put the money you got back from Jasmines it would only cost you an extra $45! Just an idea! That being said, a lot of brides had good results. I guess it's a risk you have to take. Good luck with everything and I hope you post pictures from the wedding day because I'm sure you'll look beautiful. Always remember us brides are in "bridal mode" while your guests will be there to enjoy your day, not critique your dress.
  6. Thank you! I am very happy! As long as it fits well (coss fingers) I would recommend her to to anybody!I I will definitely post pics with my petticoat on when I get it,
  7. To the moderators: Some of my posts that are "held for moderation" don't ever post. I would really like the last post I tried to submit on this forum to post soon, so I can get the opinion of these ladies!! It has pictures. . . ect THANK YOU!!!
  8. Hi girls! I have read this blog for days, and was beginning to question whether I was going to like my dress. . . there are so many different experiences, and some dresses turn out fabulous, and some leave a lot to be desired! I just received pictures of my post-production dress, and I'm on cloud nine!! I ordered mine through DHgate from seller "weddingdress88" for only $189, including total customization and shipping! I see there are a lot of Jasmine's fans out there, and I have to agree. Their dresses are great- well made and beautiful! Congrats! My only thing is, in order to get a high quality Jasmine's gown, you have to spend 450+, and if I'm going to spend that I'd rather pay a few hundred more for the real deal for $800-$1000. My plan was to buy a knock off, and if it wasn't perfect then "no big deal!" I'd just buy the real one. For only $189 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see! (For $450, it wouldn't seem quite as easily "disposable") The seamstress Maggie has been great! She always replies to emails the exact same day, and sometime I send several:) I'm not sure if she is the actual person who makes them or not, but she is knowledgeable and friendly and intelligible with her language. I get nervous that the language barrier would make it hard for her to understand what I meant by certain things but she understood every time. Sometimes I would wonder, because she'd reply back with "okay, no problem!!! best wishes" or "everything is making your dress is well, no worries" and I'd wonder if she knew what I had said, but she absolutely did! I love how there are no sequins on the dress. . .the "shine" you see is from actual glass beads and "pearls". I also love how the organza she uses is quality organza, and not the kind that has that shiny look! I think her dress looks equally beautiful to the real one, if you have ever seen it in person you will concur. The only thing it looks like I may change, is put a silk ribbon in for the corset lace-up back, instead of what they have. I can't really tell, though. It might be fine! Let me know what you girls think! Here is my inspiration dress, a Mori Lee that sells for $1250 and is HARD to find. Here are the pics of mine!
  9. from: conniealice26 conniealice26@gmail.com to: Jillian Staffiera <jillianstaffiera@gmail.com> date: Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 2:20 AM subject: SANDALS CEREMONY SCRIPT mailed-by: gmail.com Jillie here is a screen shot. . . does it look correct?
  10. Congrats and Good luck everyone!! March, 11th 2013 at 3:00pm at the Royal Caribbean resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica!
  11. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/6691/what-i-would-and-wouldnt-do-again Here is a link to the do's and don'ts. Love it! I also have acquired a copy of the standard ceremony script that Sandals uses. . . I would definitely recommend using your own!! For us it was off base as far as what my marriage represents. I actually used some pieces from a bride's ceremony she had posted on here. . . she had used bits and pieces from ones she found as well. It was just beautiful, and represented my fiance and I perfectly. I can e-mail you a copy of the generic Sandals one, if you would like!
  12. Thanks again, Kat! I emailed you back. I am so glad I saw this before arrival. . . I would not have wanted to scramble around trying to come up with a last minute script.
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