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  1. I actually got it at hallmark about a year ago! I'm sure they would still have something like it
  2. Here are a few photos! We used the inhouse photographer and he was AMAZING! I can't remember his name, but he called himself Brad Pitt, haha. We had our ceremony at the gazebo and the cocktail/reception at the spice terrace. Also, the guy who did my hair and make-up, GENIUS! I can't not tell you enough what a true artist he was, and I am one PICKY bride!! One piece of advise, it is hot!! we got married at 5:00pm, and went directly to the beach for pictures. I would have done anything for a bottle of water, make sure someone has one for you! We also changed into comfy clothes because of the he
  3. thanks soontobeorozco! the only extra costs were the hanging flower baskets and the tiffany chairs. The shells and star fish runner are included, (you can also choose lanterns if you want) and the white draps are included too. I had 4 hanging baskets, but only paid for 2, since the gold package had ceremony flowers for the alter included. Instead of having flowering sitting on the alter, we added 2 more baskets!
  4. I know! I think we ran into a lot of your wedding party!.......but couldn't find you! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!
  5. Just got back from our week in PARADISE!!!! <3 <3 it was BEAUTIFUL! Llenny was amazing, the gazebo beautiful....and our photos.....AMAZAING!!! I won't let me post pictures, find me on FB if you want to see them! or have questions YAY!!!!!! Angela Mirilovich
  6. We are leaving TOMORROW (April17) bright and early!! So excited, I don't know if i'm going to fall asleep tonight!!
  7. We are leaving TOMORROW (April17) bright and early!! So excited, I don't know if i'm going to fall asleep tonight!!
  8. Hi Brides! Are you girls getting your hair and make-up done at the salon? I know it is included in my package, but I'm thinking I might just do it myself. I am a make-up guru and control freak. I like high quailty make-up, especially when photos are being taken. Anyone know what kind of make-up is used? air burshed? humm.... Thanks!!
  9. Llenny is my wedding planner at EPM and is amazing!!! We are getting married April 22 2013. She always emails me back the next day. If you are not happy with your planner I suggest switching to Llenny! We have everything planned ...now time to relax!
  10. thank you Rebecca1314!! I would of never thought of the conversion, I better brush up on my math skills!
  11. Hey Brides! We are getting Married April 22, 2013. I have all my planning almost done, but I'm not sure when we actually pay for the wedding? Do we pay when we arrive? Have our meeting with our wedding planner? Can you pay cash/check/credit?
  12. Thank you! I've been searching everywhere for good reviews and recommendations. So glad you loved them! I'll have to check them out! THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  13. Hi Brides! We are getting married on April 22, 2013! EKKK!!! So close, yet so far away. I'm trying to find a videographer, not just someone who holds a video camera and thats it. We are very tech-savy people and I'm trying to find a videographer that will edit/add music/ ect. Anybody know someone??
  14. Hi Brides! We just booked our weddingmoon for April 17-24 2013, yesterday! Who is the wedding coordinator to contact? Can someone please send me her e-mail?
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