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  1. Hi ShellLen, I am a UK bride and we are getting married 90 days today at the BP! How exciting. From experience, you can't book the venue more than a year in advance (we signed our contract a year to the day) and you can't guarantee any in resort venues until about 3 months before (we only got the sky terrace confirmed this week - I had the exact same fear as you with swimsuit crowds!). We booked through a weddings abroad website but TBH they have been zero help. We found the guest rates cheaper elsewhere (by a couple hundred pounds pp) but they refused to match the price. So all of our guests have booked separately. We have 36 adults and 3 children coming so fingers crossed it'll be a great party! If I can be any help, give me a shout Xx
  2. Hi all, We have had our location confirmed (sky terrace) for our May 2014 wedding and we have qualified for unlimited events HOWEVER it appears to be the 2014 version - we signed our contract in May 2013 and most people had booked their vacation by October 2013 so we would have qualified then. Have any other brides experienced this and has anyone successfully argued a case to receive the 2013 benefits? The 2013 benefits seem to be more attractive than the 2014 ones. Also has anyone had any success haggling with Zuniga? Or is their price a set price? Thanks ladies J xx
  3. H Hi Stacie, Thanks for all your help so far and fir a peek of your wonderful pictures. H2B and I are hoping to do a legal ceremony also. We are coming from the uk, although I assume the paperwork necessary is the same? Please advise - we have been told we need the following: Birth Certs (only needs to be apostilled if we want our parents names on marriage cert so we were not going to bother as I don't even know where to begin with that malarkey!) Passport (+ copies) Visa entry forms. Also, was the blood work highly stressful? That is what is worrying me! How long does that take etc? Thanks again for all your help - you looked truly beautiful and congratulations again, Xx
  4. Hi Kather2008 I am interested in this too, currently getting quotes. We are doing the Pure package which comes with 3 reception tables included. I don't know if it's better for me to hire anything extra direct through Palace so it all matches. Lily has quoted $150 set up an labour fee (that's for 3 extra chairs, 3 lights and a piñata??!) Also - our wedding date is May 27th so we'll be there for your wedding date exciting!! Xx
  5. One more question and I promise to leave you ladies alone for a while I have some guests who are trying to keep their costs down by staying off site...I have advised of the 80/20 rule so they are waiting to see how many guests we get booking before they commit. My question for you guys is this: Did any past/are any future brides have off site guests and if so, how much does it cost to have them at the wedding. Obviously there is the guest past fee (I believe that currently stands at around $98), is there a further fee for them to eat at the private reception etc. Am I overlooking anything that some past brides can advise on? Thanks again x
  6. Great, thanks Kristie! I have emailed him for a quote. Thanks so much for your help :-)
  7. Hi Kristie Yes I see it - is that all Zuniga lighting? That's similar to what I want, and I would also like to have a piñata. My FI really likes the look of tree lanterns but we're just seeing our budget stretch! My questions are: Do you have to have pink and blue lights or is that a choice? Did you hire a dance floor or did you just use what is there? Was the iPod hired from JSAV? How do you get their prices and do we have to pay a vendor fee on top? Sorry for all the questions!! I really do appreciate the help.
  8. Thanks Shan - where did you get this price? My official BP wedding booklet has it at $385 for 2 hours? We gets married in May and are already at 108 room nights, with more still to book. I really would like to see something back from Palace resorts as we are bringing a whole lot of business to them! I know you had a similar number - were they open to negotiation?! Ta x
  9. Haha no Redsbear don't say that! Everything I've read says passport, travel card/visa and birth cert (apostilled if you want parents names on marriage cert). I'm going to go to the Mexican Embassy next time I'm nearby and ask there. It must be legal...right?!
  10. Hi ladies, Can any brides past or present advise how much the iPod dock is to hire for 4 hours? I'm thinking from 6-10 as our ceremony time is 4pm. Also, on the sky terrace are extra lights needed? Are disco lights worth it? If so, what have you picked and why? I'm trying to work out my budgets and keep getting hit with unforeseen expenses! Thanks so much Xx
  11. Hi Mark82 Did you get a definitive answer? We get married in May 2014 and are also confused re the apostille stamp. I read it's only necessary if you want bride and groom parents names in the marriage cert nod if its not apostilled you can get married regardless. Does that sound right to you? Cheers!
  12. Hi newlyengaged13 I initially told people we would pay their guest pass on the wedding day but if they wanted to come and see us then they would have to pay it at other times. Then I found out that there's a maximum of 20% of your wedding party allowed in under a guest pass! So as of yet all our guests attending are staying at BP. May be something for you to bear in mind for your wedding day. Incidentally does anyone know how we sort out the privileges you get once people start booking? We are up to 101 room nights now (inc me and my FI) and I read yesterday that once you reach 75 you're entitled to upgrades/private functions/free nights for the bride and groom. How do we go about securing these - in particular the 7 free nights. As we have already paid our deposits, so I don't know how this will work out? Thanks ladies :-D Xx
  13. Hi April 2013 Bride I hope your wedding was fabulous, and that you are not too sad now it's all over! For fear of sounding like a broken record, can you confirm that the above was correct now that you have lived through it? My fiancé and I get married in May 2014 and have also been told we need our birth certificates apostille stamped etc. We are both single, neither have been married before, names as per our parents (although my mum and dad don't have passports, never have, and aren't coming to the wedding). If we have our birth certificates (actually they're copies - do you think this will be ok?), passports and tourist visas is there any other paperwork we'll need - from your experience - and overlooked? Thanks so much Jane
  14. Thanks Brandi - some of my party are looking at hiring a condo to keep costs down but I have advised them not to until/if I reach enough bookings to get them all a pass. It was in the contract after all (doh!), but that has a ratio of 80/20 guest/non-guest. I will try to keep the stress down to a minimum but I have so many questions floating around my little head! Ha. Wow shmanderz that's fantastic - I'm excited for you! This time next year I'll be out there. Can't bloomin' wait Xx
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