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  1. I'm not doing a seating plan. I am getting married in 3 weeks with 32 people attending also. I asked for a U-shaped table at Calabash with everyone sitting on the outside so we could all see each other. I did not want to deal with a seating chart & kinda hard to anyway with a U-shape. There are no separate table numbers. We are just putting some "reserved seating for family" place cards & all the friends can fill in the rest.
  2. So glad everything went so great. Who was your dj who initially sucked?
  3. I am trying to do the same thing - staying at the Suites but want our rehearsal dinner at the Japanese restaurant at the Beach. My WC told me they would not be able to confirm it for us until 7 days before the wedding since it was at the other resort. So I'm just hoping we can get it. You are getting close. Hope everything is coming along great.
  4. Were the receptions on the beach that you saw with a bonfire? That was a must for us to have a dance party on the beach. I figured the bonfire would help light up the darkness. I will make sure they have enough lighting for us. I've seen pictures from others & I thought it seemed ok. I wonder if they have lights they could string up out on the beach somewhere. I hope so anyway. We don't have enough people for a private reception, so my only option was a bonfire or cocktail party on the beach on terrace. And I'm not sure if you answered, did you have to book the dj ahead of time or did Nicole totally take care of that for you? Thanks for all your help & advice.
  5. Thanks Holly. It sounds like you got in on 2012 prices. I keep being quoted the $190 per hour for the dj which is the 2013 prices - even though I booked in Nov of 2012. So did you have to contact the dj yourself or did they do it for you? Did you get DJ Kevan? That's great to know they are willing to makes some switches on the menu. That is something I hadn't asked yet. I am pretty sure we are going with Calabash also. Did you like it there? Food was good?
  6. You look gorgeous. Couple questions. So you did not have to pay the dj ahead of time? You just told Nicole you wanted them & paid the day before the wedding? Did you have DJ Kevan? I want to book him but wasn't sure if I do it thru Nicole or him. She never answers my emails. What prices did you pay the dj? There is talk of their prices going from $150 an hour up to $170 (private) & 190 (not private) per hour. I am hoping to get in at the $150 per hour as I booked last year. Did you have to ask for a different menu at Calabash? In the paperwork, it says snapper, grilled lamb or steak. I see you got jerk chicken. So happy everything turned out so wonderful for you.
  7. Courtney, what is the vendor fee you will have to pay for Floral Fantasies? 100? And do they respond pretty quickly? I've heard lots of complaints with Tai Flora's slow responses.
  8. Does anyone know what time the beach party at Beach starts on Thurs night, how long it lasts & what all they do? I am getting married on a Thurs & I am trying to decide if I will have a cocktail party on the beach, bonfire party on the beach or just join in on the Beaches party. Thoughts/ideas? I've heard some brides say the bonfire isn't worth it because they set it up far away from where the tables & partying area is.
  9. Rashel told me the same thing but I have not confirmed with Nicole yet. Rashel said the Suites doesn't have the charge, but the Beach & Grand do.
  10. Well I am just starting with this. I am meeting with my travel agent today to finalize everything. My invites are out so I am hoping people start to book. I have about 30 saying they are going as of now, but I wonder if some will back out. Then there are others I think will go, but I just haven't heard yet for sure. Just hoping for the best, but not worrying too much about it for now. Hoping now that the holidays are about over, people will start to book. Good luck with yours.
  11. Oh this packing list is oh so helpful. This forum is awesome. You just saved me a ton of time. Thanks so much for sharing that! You wedding is getting close. I can't wait to hear about it. Aren't you doing your whole reception on the beach? I can't wait to hear all about it.
  12. I heard back & definitely got my date that I wanted. My next question is does anyone know if you want to have a bonfire on the beach after dinner on Thurs night (as the reception), does it interfere with the Rose Hall Beach resort having their beach party on Thurs night which I believe also has a bonfire. I sure hope not because I have my heart set on a bonfire reception.
  13. Just wanted to let you know I finally heard back from Nicole to give me the final official confirmation. She also stated in that email that they don't start planning until 3 months from the wedding date but are always glad to answer questions. When she has answered me in the past, she will usually answer a couple questions, but not all. But at least I heard back. I guess I'll try to plan in my head for now & finalize with her later. I hope you hear back soon. It did take her 3 weeks to get back to me. But when I asked my travel agent to check for me, then I heard from Nicole. So sometimes it takes a push & sometimes just takes some time. So now I am ready to send out my save the dates/invitations. I am only 7 months away, so I need to get these out asap. Happy planning.
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