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  1. I like the name socials way better!!! My FI and I have thought about just going ahead with it and at the end divide the money up evenly amongst the people coming to the wedding to pay for a portion of their trip instead of using it for ourselves.... any thoughts?
  2. Yes guests purchase tickets to get in, then you have prizes and cheap drinks and games. My future SIL keeps telling me all her friends still did it when they did destination weddings and at this point it looks like she wont take no for an answer. Thanks for the help!
  3. My future sister in law has decided she wants to throw a stag and doe for my fi and i. I am a little worried because it sounds like a money grab before asking people to pay so much to come to our wedding. She insists its not and has already started planning it. Im still really on the fence about the whole thing. Whats your opinion?
  4. Look into Dominican Republic. Its gorgeous there and is supposed to be the second cheapest place to go (first is cuba. I went on a vacation to cuba last year mind you it was flying from Toronto, for $800 taxes included pp.) I know how hard it is to change your mind but I cant tell you there are some beautiful resorts in Dominican as well. Next cheapest beside Mexico is supposed to be Jamaica.
  5. its $30. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/a/become-a-best-destination-wedding-supporter
  6. Hopefully trying other agents will help... that is just crazy talk!! Do u have your heart set on Cuba? Originally we were wanting Costa Rica but the flight schedules didnt work for us so we decided on Mexico and got the dates we wanted!
  7. Im also trying to get to 150... but I just started
  8. There is no way cuba should cost you $1900. Cuba is one of the cheapest places to go. Im going to Mexico for $1400 taxes included! My advice, call up a few other travel agents. Even if you want to use the one u have now, other agents can send you quotes that you can give to your agent to beat. I got $300 knocked off the price and a bunch of upgrades and 4 free trips because of that!
  9. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arrecife-Weddings-Bahia-Principe/108871939180012?sk=photos_stream http://www.facebook.com/arrecife.studio.mexico/photos_stream Here are there facebook pages. Personally I think the pictures look great but they are pretty pricey! I will be flying in my own photographer!
  10. Definately not pacing myself. I slowly get things done as I go. I have a wedding dress picked out (not ordering it yet as Im not sure about my sizing being over a year from the date), My invitations picked out, our wedding songs, the resort, the date, the bridesmaids attire and our wedding website done. Im just thankful that Im not in a rush to get anything done so I can do a little here and a little there when I have time. The hardest thing I find is that I pick something and then change my mind later... but again with so much time, its not a big deal!
  11. Hello Everyone, Im getting married May 6,2014 and actually just booked my date today The hotel said they can reserve my date but the package pricing wont be out until March. Trying to keep myself busy till then!!! Congrats to all past and future brides Thanks for all the help on this site!!!
  12. Im a 2014 Bride... Although Im new to this site, I have been planning since May! We want to get married in May 2014 and looking at Mexico... We are thinking the Grand Sunset Princess but there are so many nice resorts, I dont think we will officially pick until our deposit is placed! We also like the Gran Bahia Principe Akumal. Im getting frustrated with not being able to get pricing for the trip or for the wedding because its so far away. Anyone here having any luck with it?
  13. Hello Ladies, Im in the beginning stages of planning my wedding at GSP. I think Im a lot further out than everyone here with a May 2014 date. I guess this is why Im not getting any answers from anyone at the hotel. I know most people probably have their 2013 rate packages but if anyone can send me any information they have so I can get an idea of what Im getting into would be greatly appreciated! My email is jenniferburch@live.ca Happy Planning!
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