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  1. Congrats and welcome. I am getting married there in May, and Yes they do take a while but they will contact you. Margarita Polanco is the person that takes care of group bookings but beware I was told the prices do not include ground transportation. Good choice on resort everything I have been told is good.
  2. Wow!! Thank You ladies. My wedding is May 3 and I have been e-mailing menu choices to our WC. Reading some of these post just made me soo happy I choose Dreams. Some of you mention Professional and regular DJ I only got one choice. would love to see pics. Any out there?
  3. Hi ladies, Just looking for any ideas on centerpieces. I would like to make them myself to save a few bucks and mostly the DYI I have seen are candles. Not that I'm against candles but I'd like something more unique keeping in mind that I have to travel with them. So If you ladies have any pics you would like to share here I am!!
  4. Hi bncandi, So totally in the same boat. My wedding is May 3, 2013 and I did all the same stressing you are doing. Research, research, research girl and read tons of post from here. I got alot of my ideas from post right here that saved me lots of $$. I made my std, invites and rsvp and everyone loved them. Now it's the waiting game. We started with a 5K budget but my honey booboo has a big mouth and invited additional people so I'm up to 7K because of the added guest. So read on and get inspired!! It will all work out fine. Good luck!
  5. Wow ogm04 you scare me.I have finished my STD and my invites and I thought I was ahead of the game but girl not after reading your post. You are the bomb girl! Shannonmarie I have the same issue with head count 25-50. It is horrible. I also haven't decided on the rvsp so I kinda stuck right now, I'm torn between luggage tags or post cards so I'll ponder my dilema. Keep up the post I luv them and it might inspire me!
  6. Hi ladies I am lookng for anyone with info on this resort. I have not yet received the RFP and I am getting nervous. Help!!
  7. Wow Niyacan , you just made me feel a whole lot better after reading your review. I just put in for a RFP and I now I'm hyped. We really are not looking to spend $$$$. After reading other post I was thinkin god here goes 7 or 8K and we only are having 25 guest and after all the extra it started to add up. Thanks for the info. Crazy but hopeful
  8. Ok so I am totally confused. All The post I see are great but they are also old. I am hoping to get marry at DPC. I did recieve the proposal and it is confusing as hell. Is there anyone out getting married in 2013? Or am I just a dummy bride!!
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