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  1. If u go to her profile you can find where she posted!
  2. I'm on the road bu t I can send u pics ... Personally I think the gazebo is way better. it poured my wedding day so I has to have it at the spa but we went to the site prior and I totally think its the way to go.
  3. our sneak peek from Stacey on fbook https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.554719611240541.1073741843.130607250318448&type=1
  4. Rashel is the way to go. I had Pretty FAces though but- She did a great job too As you can see, Idk anything about Zuluspro... but another one to look into is Stacey Clarke... along with a TTD the next day. Very creative and awesome!
  5. Stacey Clarke-- is THE BEST I HIGHLY recommend her. She did my wedding at GP last week. She's awesome and took amazing pics.
  6. just fyi, I just got back, Gazebo to me is def the way to go!! Its gorgeous!!
  7. let me rephrase, the resort was gorgeous-- def 5 star! (but there were def variations between rooms)... Most staff/waiters etc were 4 stars. All the staff was extremely nice to us. WE had no problems. The one thing is my husband on wedding day called for a ride and got hung up on mulitple times and a cart never came. A couple things happened like that but nothing major. All the waiters etc were good... sometimes slow but hospitable.
  8. also, I also recommend Stacey Clarke for photography. She did amazing and was pretty much my wedding coordinator (she told me what to do when I was lost.) Her sneak peak can be found on her fbook page. Did I mention she and her assistant Jeffrey were AMAZING. No lie, we all didn't want her to go! lol try looking here for my wedding (Nate and Julia) https://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.554719611240541.1073741843.130607250318448&type=1 ... Since it rained majority of the night, it only let up for a bit to take a couple pics. The pics with my hair up, is the wedding day... pics with my hair down, is TTD the next morning.
  9. Well, I just got back Saturday. My wedding was Monday May 27th. I will start off by saying this.... the TRIP WAS EPIC. Everyone had an amazing time. The reception was great. But the resort and wedding staff def isn't 5 star. It was not very organized and did have the couple instances with staff, but NOTHING MAJOR! It rained on my wedding day so we had to have the ceremony changed to indoors, so that may have caused some more confusion. With that said, it was STILL SPECIAL AND WOULDN'T CHANGE IT FOR THE WORLD. The resort is beautiful!! We had the best honeymoon suite in 3063. You can find my ceremony at this link http://youtu.be/tsI4RpMK0qE ... You can see everyone didn't know what to do. lol Every guest said the steel drum band was KEY AND LOVED IT. The Z show at the reception was a hit. I STRONLY recommend those 2 things. Minus all the little things, I had the time of my life! Feel free to ask any questions.
  10. We are getting there Thursday, May 23rd. Yeah I was scared the gazebo would be far away. Thats the only reason why I was leaning towards beach ceremonly but I really love the garrden gazebo, so thats what I booked. I am getting excited and cant wait!! only 2 more months!!!
  11. Anyone know a great location/room for honeymoon villa suite on lady hamilton side closest to everything... and close to wedding gazebo... if thats even on same side?? Cause I have no idea if its anywhere close anyways. Thanks
  12. Well you make it pretty much what you want. Have you been the palladiumweddings.com?? You rented the blue lagoon which means you will first choose a menu which will range $45-65 per person. The resort will only email you this list. Then on the palliumweddings.com-- you just pick and choose what you want. Will you pay for a DJ which is 900$ for 3 hours or 1200 for 4 hours etc etc. You can pay for a show and so on. So the cost 100% depends on how many guests. You can choose to book outside the resort but they charge fees in order to do so.
  13. I get there that previous Thursday, May 23rd and staying the following Fri, May 31st. I didn't plan on doing a reception back home cause everyone at first seemed hell bent on going. And now we have spent so much $$ on other stuff that I don't think i can when I get back home.. cause we are moving possibly too. Anyways!! Its going alright! We are doing 4pm at the Wedding Gazebo with steel drum band. Blue lagoon reception with DJ and possibly that Dance show that starts with a Z. But part of me wants to cancel the reception there so it won't be many of us and have a reception at home. I am using Stacey Clarke for my pictures so I can have a TTD after my wedding sometime. I am not making OOT bags cause my family assured me not to worry bout it. I gave pretty expensive bridesmaids gifts.. and groomsgift. I may make my own programs and a "need to know brochure" (before they leave). I also plan on asking if i can let the Chinese light lanterns at the end of my wedding that I bought. If I decide not to do the reception, I'm not sure what I'll do. I do know the day after, which is your wedding day , that I am doing a catamaran Cruise for my guests. It will be fun .. How are your plans looking?!
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