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  1. I'm getting married in Nassau too but our date is ages away. I would really love it if all you ladies could post vendor reviews after your weddings!! Thanks so much in advance!
  2. I'm getting married in Nassau too but our date is ages away. I would really love it if all you ladies could post vendor reviews after your weddings!! Thanks so much in advance!
  3. Punta Cana sounds like the smart thing to do - costs sure add up fast!! And Magestic Elegance is beautiful! Thanks for the suggestion, we're currently leaning towards the Beach Club Cafe for the reception but will checkout Luciano's too!
  4. Thank you SO much for the responses, that is so good to know! We've decided to get married on Paradise Island, probably at the Cloisters but if not then I'd definitely at least want some photos there!
  5. Are you actually allowed to take wedding photos at the Cloisters if you aren't being married there?
  6. Thanks and congrats to you as well! No date in mind yet, we're hoping to find the location first but there are so many options it's overwhelming! lol
  7. Hi everyone! I'm currently looking into getting married in Nassau or Paradise Island. One of the first things FI and I decided was that instead of staying at a resort we wanted to rent a villa for family and close friends to stay at for the week. Originally I thought this put Nassau out of the question as I couldn't find any villas that met what we were looking for (at least 6 bedrooms, budget of $1000 per person/week). But now I've come across 'A Stone's Throw Away Bed and Breakfast', they've sent me prices for renting out all ten bedrooms and it seems reasonable. I love the look and the idea of all my closest staying together but have found mixed reviews online. Right now I'm also toying with the idea of having the reception there. We'd be having the ceremony off site though. Has anyone visited this B&B? Or had a wedding there? How far is it from the beach?
  8. Hi There! I'm currently looking into being married in Nassau as well. Where are you planning to stay and have the reception? Hope you don't mind me asking! Thanks!
  9. Thanks for posting the review! I'm considering the Bahamas myself so it's great to see!
  10. I'm new to the site but I gotta say I really love it so far, what a great community!! My fiance and I are in the very beginning stages of planning and are currently looking for the perfect location. Ideally we'd like to rent out a villa for our family and close friends to stay at instead of doing a resort wedding - this sure makes research difficult though, everything destination seems to be geared towards resorts! lol We also really wanted to find something with a bit of European charm in the Caribbean, so far we've found two potential options: 1. Cloisters in Nassau, Bahamas. We LOVE this ceremony site and versailles inspired gardens but it sure comes with a price, and unfortunately we can't find a suitable villa in the area 2. La Sikwa Sugar Mill in St Lucia - Again beautiful gardens and ruins, but not much info about weddings there online so currently trying to get details. If you gals have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Or just to say hi too! I'm so excited to find a venue!
  11. I haven't but theres a review about her here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/77830/atlantis-wedding-review-cloisters-lucianos-and-poop-deck#post_1728948 I'm looking into getting married in the Bahamas too
  12. Thanks for the review! FH and I are looking into having our wedding in the Bahamas so this is super helpful!! I'm also hoping to use the Cloisters for our ceremony, anychance you could give me some information about this? From what I've ready it seems to cost $3500 for two hours, is that correct? What time did you have to hold your ceremony? Thanks so much!
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