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  1. seems a lot of you guys are talking about flowers...and some about lighting. i photographed a wedding there a while back - my bride didn't like her flowers - i didn't care for the indoor lighting - the weather was unpredictable - and prices for everything, esp the food was 3x what it is in the US on the flipside, the photos were incredible - i still feature that wedding as a sample image gallery b/c i fell in love with the photos
  2. Where's the best island to get married, photographically speaking? Looks like I might be shooting a DW in Hawaii... and will probably visit soon to scope things out...
  3. holy smokes! : ) but i will always be a unique visitor
  4. no problem, suze... hey i also had some other inquiries on this topic asking about who i spoke with to get the permit... here's the info... Elaine Smith Accounts Supervisor Zamar Group Companies Limited Tel: 242-394-2857 Fax: 242-394-2865
  5. here's a partial email i recv'd below about getting a permit for vendors. i just wanted to post this so it can help everyone who has this question. Hi Aaron, You'd mentioned that you had to get a permit to do a wedding photo shoot in Bahamas. Could you provide me some tips and information on how to get this. I'm bringing my own photographer... My wedding coordinator told me before that getting a permit was just an easy & quick process but now she got back to me and telling me that it will be a complicated & long process and I'm better off just sending my photographer there without any permit. I'm stuck now! please give me some advise on what to do. Here's what I think. Play it safe and get the permit. It will probably cost you (or your photog) between $100 and $300. BUT...I'm not sure that you really need one. I shot one wedding in the Bahamas. I wasn't asked for my permit at all while I was there...but I was glad I had it just in case. Re: the time issue. I'm not sure how long it will take in your case. It took me an hour I think to talk w/ someone over the phone, submit my info and process my credit card payment. I spoke with someone here in the US handling everything. Just call and tell someone your situation (of course without giving too many specifics) and ask what is required and how long it will take. That should help you make your decision. I did feel like getting the permit could just be another way to provide income to the govt there, but I wasn't sure so I got one...
  6. Hey guys, I know Christine mentioned wanting to see some of my Atlantis photos...so here they are. Also just posted a slideshow with photos at this link: Megan & Dave
  7. hey guys, i've been getting the email updates the past couple of days from BDW...and just had to come back here to post. i don't know what i said earlier about my experience in the bahamas.... but i'm not too happy w/ the Atlantis now b/c i was the photographer for a wedding and got charged for room expense on top of the bride and groom paying for the same expense. how? when i checked out, they went to charge my card for the incidental expenses and also charged my room... Then said they would remove the room expense right then...but that's not what happened. anyway, i'm in the process of going through Visa to dispute the charge. no fun... yes, the bahamas are beautiful...but i want to agree with an earlier post i saw...get it in writing. as for not being able to hire an outside photog. not true. i'm an outside photog and had to get a permit to shoot the wedding. another last minute expense... : ) BUT i did get some pretty sweet photos...
  8. Hey SumrDream, thanks for commenting on my photos... you make me want to change my avatar on here : ) maybe i will sometime. Yeah, Sah...but of course it wasn't all of Pirates...just some. I just wish I had more time there to explore more places. I really wanted to check out the neighboring island of Eleuthera (sounds like aluuthra).
  9. Hey guys, I actually walked over to the Riu hotel a couple weeks ago when I was staying in the Atlantis. It's right beside the Atlantis. My honest opinion is the Riu was kind of a step down from the Atlantis... But I loved the beach area just behind it...since it was away from and more quiet than the beach behind the Atlantis... I would imagine the cost is very close to or the same as the Atlantis...and you would just have access to sooo much more staying at the Atlantis...free shows/movies and a huge water park area. But it is true as you've probably read...paying for almost anything else at the Atlantis is VERY expensive. But I don't think prices would be much different from the Riu. You and your guests would prob be happier at the Atlantis...or try finding somewhere else altogether if you're going for more of a quiet, less touristy feel for your wedding. There are two islands I kept hearing about over and over that were recommended by locals and some girls I met who were European and pretty well traveled. They're called Eleuthera (sounds like aluuthra) and Abaco. So you might check'em out. Cheers.
  10. yeah, i heard about the bond movie being filmed there... several others were also filmed there...some of pirates of the caribbean hey, i love that blur...b/c the focus is on the bride and groom and not the background...: ) it's just a shallow depth of field...
  11. Thought i would share a few photos from the wedding I shot recently... I appreciate everyone's advice... thanks
  12. Hey guys, not sure which photog ur talking about? Could be Jill Higgins... or Nic Dragonmire. Nic does a lot of DW's. His profile is somewhere on BDW forum, but here's his website... • TAMARACK STUDIOS •
  13. Defend away! I have a wedding I'm photographing there in a couple weeks. I can't wait. Although the place comes across as touristy, I'm guessing it won't be hard to find some areas that are a little more private close by...and from what I've seen the area where the ceremony will be held will be really nice. I'll have to post some "Atlantis" photos here or something.
  14. thanks! you're right it's not far from the Atlantis. I just called that # from the link you sent me, and they said you can take the Atlantis shuttle to get there...so i'll have to check it out. thanks again...
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