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  1. Hi my fiancee and i are getting married at the Wyndham Nassau Resort in May of next year. Is that the same place?
  2. Thank you!!! i thought about that as well
  3. Hi Ladies, I was hoping some of you can help me look for a website that makes these invitations. I LOVE THEM. We origially bought some other invitations but once i seen these, i have to have them. Any ideas were i can find them?? Thanks in advance JoeJoe
  4. Thank you!!! I think the beach towels are a good idea but like you said i don’t know how I’m going to get everything out there. So I went to Marshalls this weekend and i found those reusable bags for 1.00 ! and they had them in a beach theme so i was like "i have to get these!! " thank you for the idea... i was going to spend a lot more and i go them for a bargain J I also found my wedding dress this weekend and found my wedding color J Coral Reef
  5. Hi ladies! I recall one of you telling me about a forum where we can discuss what to include in the OOT bags.. Do one of you ladies know the link? If so can you please post it plz? I found my OOT bags already!! Now im having trouble thinking of what to put inside them L Any ideas for a beach destination wedding? I have beach towels, and sunscreen down I just don’t know that else to add Any information will be appreciated Thanks!!
  6. Thank you!.. you’re so helpful !! I think I’m leaning towards those reusable totes (they are so convenient! ) I’ve asked my fiancé about his input and he told me that it’s up to me. It think im going to grill him more tonight so he can give me his input.. we have so much to do but we have time J JoeJoe
  7. Yes if you can help me find some chapter ones that would be so great!!!.. im still undeceive about my wedding colors ( I need to narrow it down, it’s between a shade of pink or red) Pink is my fav color, and red to me is the color of love so idk which one I was yet L The beach bags I think im going to go with any colors I can find . I think if I narrow the colors its going to be harder to find a great bargain. If I go to your website is there a link where I can create my own from you page? I really love it and think it would be a GREAT idea. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. It’s extremely hard trying to please every single person. I live in California, we are traveling from Los Angeles all the way to the Bahamas.
  9. I am so going through the same thing!! It's so hard but it gets a bit worse for me. My mother in law is upset because i am marrying her baby and she told us not ONCE or TWICE, several times that she is not going to our wedding. It’s heartbreaking I’ve known her for 4 years and I’ve never saw this side of her… it’s sad ! So as of right now only my immediate family is going, my fiancée’s sister and her family, an aunt of my fiancée and that is all for him… oh and a lot of our friends (his mom and brother are not going) So we have a total of 40 people joining us. He told me several times that he doesn’t care if no one from his family shows up, as long as I show up that is all he cares about. J He’s told me several times that if they care about us they will be there for us. If they don’t care, they won’t show up. I agree with him
  10. Thank you for your feedback. The biggest problem i am having right now is my family's Indecisiveness. i feel like gathering them all and Yelling "Get it together!!" but im not haha. The main issue with my relatives has been the money. Its not a costly vacation that we are asking them to have but i think that's how they see it. Gotta love the relatives
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