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  1. Hehe , there is no doubt that i am the bridesmaid , we promised, i just wondering what i should wear to the party , i just found this one on the internet , i think it is wonderful, how about it ?
  2. Hello, everyone. I am happy to say that one of my friend is going to marry at the end of the year. She likes simple wedding dress, she don't know how to choose...heh
  3. The best present to the one we love most , what to give is also very important, it is going to autumn, so i suggest you think about the cashmere T-shirt, full of warm,full of love.
  4. Hello, Everybody, How about today....
  5. Hello, one of my friend is going to marry soon, so i was thinking how to choose my bridesmaid clothes,
  6. Hello, everyone, i also new here, nice to meet you here,
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