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    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    like... chocolate fountain?
  2. jeanadamz

    How fun... (random)

    Love the shots! nature is indeed beautiful!
  3. jeanadamz

    Workouts galore

    Exercise is really the number one solution for you to lose weight. I also do walking and jogging and a lot of sit ups. I had actually gain some extra pounds since our cook at home makes good food. I must now double my exercise routine. I don't want to get fat since my h2b got really slim body.
  4. jeanadamz

    Random pictures

    Great capturing! You do really have a keen eye. Just wanted to ask something, are those pretty photos are highly influenced by the camera you're using? How much was skilled apply based from your own assessment. Thanks
  5. jeanadamz

    'Which Do You Prefer?' Game

    outdoors... baby girl or baby boy?
  6. jeanadamz

    So What do you do for a living?

    I am an accountant. I do work on accounts and some other administrative duties. Since I as in college I am really frustrated to be a professional photographer but then again I don't have enough resources to pursue it. I also wanted to become a professional singer. I will be trying to pursue them if my finances and time would allow me to do so. Hoping for it to realize.
  7. jeanadamz

    I want to have a baby!

    I planning to have one but not too soon. My husband to be wanted to have babies that really looks like me. It just excites me while I'm thinking of the future.
  8. jeanadamz

    HI yah! Newbie Here!

    Thank you for the warm welcome!
  9. jeanadamz

    HI yah! Newbie Here!

    Hi Guys! Just wanna drop and say my hello. See yah around!