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  1. The rooms they showed me looked like a regular conference room. But I'm sure once it's decorated it'll be nice. I chose the same package as you Danielle.
  2. I went and I loved it! I didn't get to speak to Audry, but I spoke to another young lady and she was very helpful. She gave me the name and number of a local decorator. I haven't contacted her yet. I can give you her number when I get home. I also saw where they hold the receptions and I got my hair done at the spa. I am worried about the makeup because I wanted to get that done as well but they said they were in the process of buying new makeup. I totally forgot to ask if they charge to hand out oot bags.
  3. I'm going to Be Live next weekend to check it out. I will let you ladies know how it goes. I also find that sometimes Audry answers back right away and sometimes she takes her time. Annoying lol
  4. I finally picked a dress! It's a Maggie. After going to like 4 different places I found my gown at Kleinfeld's.
  5. Worstbride I am totally in love with your dress!! You look beautiful!
  6. Wow I feel like I'm super backed up. I just sent out save the dates. I tried on dresses once but couldn't decide. I'm going to a different place today. I have a whole lot of work to do.
  7. Thanks ladies I'm going to take your advice and try on some more dresses. To my surprise I loved trying on dresses. I thought I would feel like the marshmallow man lol. But I didn't I felt pretty
  8. Hello ladies!! I need help. I tried on dressed for the first time yesterday. I really didn't expect to find a dress. I thought I would get an idea of what I liked and of how much weight I have to lose lol. But there was this one dress I really liked. Now I'm torn between trying on more dresses to see what else is out there or just buying that dress. Theres a trunk sale at the store this weekend so it makes it even more stressful for me. Help! I want to upload a pic but Im on my phone and don't know how to. :confused:
  9. Hello ladies. We're planning to get married at be live also! I have been waiting a few days for an email response too. It's making new a little nervous. Our wedding is going to be June 2013. I'm a little conserned about the cake, decorations and flowers, because they told me it's not included. I'm waiting to hear back if they can do it at an extra cost.
  10. Hello ladies! I'm new here. I'm in the very early stages of planning our wedding. I was wondering how much more or less are these inspired by designer gowns. They all look beautiful and we are on a super tight budget. I still don't know what I'm going to do but I'm stoked to have found this board.
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