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  1. I need honest opinions on these shoes. I found them today for 80% off so I was afraid not to buy them especially at that much of a discount. Are they to "gaudy"?
  2. Can anyone tell me the judge's fee to go to Jellyfish?
  3. We were there the first week of August and even at lunch time it was cool. A really good breeze blows through since it is elevated and open air.
  4. We stayed at IFA Villas Bavaro. I used GPS to map to Jellyfish and it said it was 4 hours away when actually it was right next door. All the employees at IFA are super nice. It's not the Hard Rock, but for the price we paid it was awesome. We stayed 7 nights and paid $710 per person. This included not only the resort but roundtrip air from Cincinnati and private transfers from airport to hotel and back. PM me and I can give you the name of the company we used. They only fly out of Nashville, Cincinnati, and Atlanta, but if you could get a cheap flight to ATL their airfare is cheaper than any I have found.
  5. Photography is the most important aspect of a wedding to me. I've waited many many years for my day to come and I want to have those photos to share with family and friends. When we grow old together I want to be able to pull out our wedding album and remember what a great day we had and see how we have grown as a couple. Having a destination wedding makes photography even more important. Many of our family members will not be able to attend so pictures is all we will have to share our special day with them.
  6. Sorry if this duplicates. My post from earlier isn't showing up. Does anyone have any kind of price list for Jellyfish? I'm not looking for exact prices, but an idea would be great! We are planning a small (around 15 guests) wedding there hopefully next June or August. We just returned from DR and ate at Jellyfish. It is absolutely beautiful! I've emailed them, but I know it takes awhile to get a response. I'm on a tight budget and thanks to this sight I've already found sites to save money on a dress and suit. I just need to estimate what our costs will be in a ballpark range so FI doesn't have a stroke.
  7. Can anyone give me a basic price list for a small ceremony at Jellyfish? We just returned from DR and had lunch at Jellyfish. It is a beautiful venue and the resort we stayed at (that we loved) was next door. We will possibly be staying there again or at Barcelo. The resort we stayed at this year does not do weddings. There will only be about 15 of us and I'm on a budget. I do not need to rent the entire restaurant. I've sent an email to them, but I know it takes a couple weeks to get a response. I'm just trying to estimate something so we know a ballpark of how much it might cost.
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