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  1. Hiring HDC was one of best decisions we made for our destination wedding. They were amazing and our pictures are breathtaking. Please see the HDC reviews from myself among other happy clients.
  2. Has anyone used or is planning to use the resort DJ? If so were they any good? We'd like to dance on the beach and i'm assuming they would have a set up with tables, chairs, drink service, etc. but i'd like to know for sure. I've sent an email to the wedding planner about this but no response as of yet.
  3. Does anyone know when the disco begins in the evening?
  4. This is Courtney by Maggie. I'm wearing this dress for my Dominican wedding in April. I think it's perfect for a destination, fairly lightweight, flowy and elegant.
  5. This is my gown Courtney by Maggie Sottero. I originally bought another gown which i liked but later found and fell in love with this one. I'm a sucker for bling so once I saw the swarovsky crystal embelishment there was no turning back!
  6. Hi Chrissy, I can't find the pictures you attached to your post regarding the gazebo decor. Would you please repost or even if you can send it in a pm to me I would sooo much appreciate it. We are getting married on April 25th at the gazebo as well. Btw, if you haven't already decided, HD photography has fantastic reviews and seem reasonably priced compared to others we've looked at. He seems to get all the 'right' moments on film.
  7. I'm getting married here April 25th, 2013, Does anyone know if the fabric for the gazebo is included in the complimentary package? We have started with that and are adding extras as we see fit. Also, does anyone know when the disco opens in the evening?
  8. No I don't think you are being too sensitive. You only wish for others to WANT to share in your joy and they should want to celebrate with you. I was just told by my future MIL that she won't be coming and had every excuse not too. His family owns a successful business so lack of money is certainly no excuse, just because they don't travel and don't want to. Very selfish, inconsiderate and hurtful and my heart breaks to think there will be no mother son wedding dance for our reception. We have a few close friends who can't afford to attend and in their instance it's understandable however two of my girlfriends are making it, one making minimum wage and the other a single mom who struggles but cares so much for me she is saving her pennies. It's those people who make the sacrifice you need to focus on because they are truly the people who have your back.
  9. Hi Steph, I see you are a fellow east coaster..love it! We are getting married at DPB at the end of April 2013. We actually only booked a couple of weeks ago, I bought my dress before we even decided on the resort. This website is quickly becoming a life saver for me as i'm sorting through the details and finding so much right here at my fingertips. Take care and happy planning!
  10. This is a review of:

    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

    Incredible Pictures!

    Pros: prompt, courteous, professional, patient, kind
    Our wedding was made beautifully memorable in pictures by the talent and professionalism of HDC photography. Our pictures were breathtaking, I don't know where to begin! I looked just how I felt..like a princess. Our photographer, Charlie, was terrific. He arrived promptly and began shooting beautiful pictures. When I had a problem with my gown he wasted no time locating my then fiance to take pictures while it was getting repaired. He then arrived back to my room and finished his pictures with
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