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  1. Hi ladies, I haven't read through all 198 pages. I'm so impressed by all of the helpful tips. Who are planning to tip? What percentage of their service charge? Your response is greatly appreciated. I need to order pesos this week and I want to figure out how much. May is right around the corner!!!
  2. How are you planning to get your vintage decor to Mexico? I have been killing myself trying to figure out pricing from freight forwarding companies. It seems like a very expensive task. And my coordinator has none of those types of supplies. All I want is a vintage wedding. Am I asking too much? I have also looked into buying things from Mexican websites and having them shipped to my coordinator. Please help... How are you brides doing it?
  3. Hi Brides, I am looking forward to having the lanterns at my Mexican wedding also. More importantly, I'm wondering if anyone has had trouble getting them through airport security. I'm also interested in sparklers. Same question about security. Thank you for the advice!
  4. Hi Bride13, There are many beautiful places for a small boutique wedding. Here are some of the options I found: - Le Reve (beautiful hotel!) - There are many haciendas throughout Mexico that would provide a wonderful backdrop for a wedding. I loved this option, but many were too small for my large group. - Acanto boutique hotel - El Taj in Playa del Carmen - Casa china blanca (gorgeous house setting in Puerto Vallarta) - Vista del sol (large house on the island I'm getting married- Isla Mujeres) There is a place called Rockhouse, in Jamaica. Amazing! And good group prices. I am getting married on Isla Mujeres at a place called Zama Beach Club. I decided on this because the island is so small that we are essentially able to 'take it over.' However, there are restaurants and other things to do. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Happy planning!
  5. @Lorena Jaimes- Thank you for the suggestions. The pictures above look like so much fun!
  6. Hello all brides to be, Have any of you come across any ideas of where to hire either of these two things? I know Azul Sensatori offers the donkey for their very reasonable wedding prices! I hope I don't regret not getting married there. More importantly- any ideas? Please help an American searching for vendors in Cancun... Thank you
  7. Great thread! Thank you so much for all the advice! I will be following up until my wedding day in May 2013!
  8. Thank you for the ideas girls. I found some colored maracas at oriental trading and a few other sites, but I'm being a picky bride wanting them to be just their natural wood color. Danak71- do you know if the flea market has those and where is it in Cancun?
  9. Ornxoxo, We are having the ceremony and reception both on Sunday. The ceremony will be in the Catholic church about 5 minutes from our venue, which is a beach club. Sorry I have been away from BDW. Any other questions, let me know!
  10. Melig015- I hope you had a wonderful wedding last weekend! I am about to sign a contract for a venue on Isla Mujeres, and stumbled across Grand Coral. Oh my gosh- gorgeous. Can someone please share wedding costs, etc with me? trudy_9@hotmail.com. I would appreciate it. Thank you
  11. Dear fellow May 2013 brides, I am searching and searching for wooden maracas for our wedding. Does anyone have a vendor for them? Or should I take a chance and hope to purchase them in Cancun upon our arrival? Thank you
  12. Hi Stacij, I'm in the final stages of planning a large wedding in Mexico also. We started with a guest list of 400 people, so a destination wedding was our only choice for natural list attrition. If you haven't already planned your venue, I would be happy to help with some ideas. We anticipate between 150-200 people for our May 2013 wedding. There are some wonderful places in Mexico. Both west and east. Happy planning!
  13. Ladies- I need help! I am also an Isla Mujeres bride. Who used a wedding coordinator? And how much did she/they cost? Any information would be helpful. We are deciding whether or not to use them. I don't think I can do it without some help.
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