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  1. Hi, I got married at the HR on Nov 21, 2012 - it was an amazing experience. First of all, my reception and cocktail party were at the Element Terrace which was perfect for 30-40 plus people. You will be much more relieved once you get to the resort as the wedding department is very helpful and prepared to take good care of you! I too had many unanswered questions beforehand but once I got there everything ran very smooth.... As far as the food goes, we weren't able to have a plated dinner so anything buffet to me is not the best. Fruit and salad were great but some of the warmer items weren't as warm/hot as I had hoped but that happens on any type of buffet I'm afraid especially when you are outside! Either way we enjoyed the selections and the people at the resort were wonderful and very accommodating. If you have any questions, please let me know. You will have a beautiful wedding and reception ~ best wishes
  2. HI, I am getting married a few days before you (21st) and I have the same question...my future husband is a DJ so the idea of hiring someone else isn't appealing to us. I am trying to determine which music package to purchase, did you receive a copy of that yet? My reception is outside so I am not able to do a plated dinner ~ have you heard any recommendations on the non-plated menu for outside receptions? Jen
  3. Oh another question - did anyone have a picture slide show at the reception? I would like to put something together but unsure the easiest way to go about it so any suggestions?? Thanks
  4. Hi~ I will be getting married at the HR on November 21st and I too have not been assigned an onsite coordinator. YIKES!! I was told I would be contacted 30 days prior to the wedding and assigned someone to help finalize some of my plans. I am praying that within the next week someone contacts me so I can relax a little... If anyone has pictures of Isla Beach I would love to see them. Any suggestions on food would be greatly appreciated as well as we plan to have our reception outside (Element Terrace) and plated dinners are not available. Eleni - did someone do a walk through with you when you arrived at the resort? I am taking your advice on the rehearsal as well...I will be using the inhouse photographer as well, not looking forward to that but the other photographers I wanted were booked. Did she take pictures during the ceremony and right after or was that extra? I am not planning to have him/her at the reception but hoping I get some nice photos during the ceremony and immediatly after! The good news is: I have been told the onsite coordinators at the resort are amazing and much better than who you deal with in Miami. I hope this is the case as I have worried myself sick about details and really hope everything comes together. Congrats to all the past and future brides
  5. M loves K ~ Your pictures turned out very nice, congrats on a beautiful wedding! I am getting married in November and trying to get some information on the photographer who is included in the wedding packages through the resort. Sounds like you used the photograher included in your package? If so, do you pay any extra for addional photos? My package only includes about 36 pictures, but I want to make sure they take lots of pictures and allow us to choose our favorites. Were the pictures taken during the ceremony only or did it include some photos on the beach after? Any information would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Jen
  6. Thank you DeeSG for all the information you have provided. I have no idea who my onsite coordinator is so no idea who to contact! I am doing OK with my planning though (I think ) - pray everything goes smooth on the big day! Do you remember how many people sat at each reception table? I'm not sure if we get to decide but I thought I read it was 8 guests per table plus a separate table for the bridal party? I'm trying to figure this out as I am bringing some of my centerpiece decorations with me so unsure of how many tables we will need. Did you bring your own toasting flutes or were they provided? Thanks again, Jen
  7. DeeSG~ I'm being told that my onsite coordinator will not contact me until 30 days prior to the wedding date, does that seem correct to you or anyone who has already gotten married? I hope I have the choices that you had, sounds like you had a good experience...
  8. Our wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of our "Special Day". After the planning involved in any wedding especially a Destination Wedding, the photos will be the only way to capture those beautiful yet unforseen moments that only a photographer can make happen. We love the beach and chose Punta Cana as we know how spectacular it will add to our photos! I will not only be marrying my best friend but I will have 2 new stepchildren in my life ~ I want them to look back years down the road and remember what a perfect day it was for us to unite as a family and the photography is the one to make these memories even more memorable with amazing, unique photos. The memories will last a lifetime for those of us who will be attending but for the people who cannot attend, a wedding photo album means everything. Unfortunately, we have many close relatives unable to attend our wedding and share the experience so it is so important to us to have beautiful photos to look back on and share with the ones who could not make it. I have also recently had an unexpected surgery to help with my severe hearing disability so the expense involved has really set back how many extras we are able to have and the fees for outside vendors...
  9. WOW ~ your pictures are beautiful..I have the Diamond Collection and haven't found any real wedding pictures yet! I too will be getting married on Isla beach, reserved the Element Terrace for the reception (as long as the weather holds)! Did you have additions made to your cake? Who did your centerpieces? I am working with Creative Punta Cana to see what they can do for me. Congrats and best wishes to you
  10. Thanks everyone for help and suggestions ~ I'm sure this won't be the last of my questions but grately appreciate input from everyone. LH Sunnie, you have posted so much information that was helpful and your pictures are beautiful...
  11. WOW ~ I am getting married this November and pray I don't have issues like that poor girl did. I too have been hoping to see some pictures of 2011/2012 weddings and haven't had much luck...I booked last year so the wedding package (Diamond Package) is not one of the newer ones but I'm not as worried about that. I think the reception location, food etc is what I'm the most worried about. Although weather conditions are out of my hands, I hope this resort can accommodate and have a backup plan for my wedding day assuming it rains! I've been told so many things from the ladies in Miami it is hard to know what you will or won't be charged extra for ~ frustrating! Any suggestions, pictures or ideas that anyone has would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jen
  12. Hello Ladies, I am new to this forum and have been reading so much about the pros and cons of this resort! I am getting married in November 2012 and praying for a beautiful wedding day ~ I booked my wedding in October 2011 so I am under the old contract and have the Diamond package. I have been dealing with Miami ladies a lot and recently was given a new wedding coordinator who seems much better than my previous one. I haven't been in touch with anyone at the actual resort yet and have some questions in regards to set up fees for the ceremony as well as the reception. Does anyone know how the food is: I am considering an outside reception but with no option to do a plated dinner I'm nervous that the buffet could be less appealing? I was also told by the ladies in Miami that there is a charge for everything ~ I wanted to have my family do my centerpieces and add flower petals to the tables etc etc but I was told this would be $100 per table extra. Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jen
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