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    what about this one http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/exquisite-high-quality-2012-wedding-dress-with-lace-up-and-hand-made-flower.html
  2. i will buy it 2 months before the wedding ,it's the link http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/nice-satin-and-tulle-with-handmade-flower-and-few-ruffle-wedding-gown.html i like it so so so so much ,they promise to make a custom dress for me but no extra charges ,,,omg,i think they will give me a surprise ...
  3. i will buy my wedding dress 2 months before the months , it's the link http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/nice-satin-and-tulle-with-handmade-flower-and-few-ruffle-wedding-gown.html these are pictures of the dress
  4. its mine http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/handmade-floral-embellishments-sweetheart-neckline-handmade-flowers-wedding-dress.html
  5. this is mine ,my wedding is 3 month later http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/elegant-embellished-corded-lace-with-swarovski-crystal-bridal-dress.html
  6. i am going to marry and i found some websites to buy my wedding dress,these are the links ,but i don't know which one is the best could u answer me ,many thanks http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/wedding.html http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/exquisite-high-quality-2012-wedding-dress-with-lace-up-and-hand-made-flower.html http://www.kissdresses.com/wedding-dresses/classic-taffeta-embroider-pleated-a-line-wedding-gown.html
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