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  1. I don't know if It's the same as for the Beach, but on top of the Vendor Fee, you'll have to pay a day pass fee. See the answer the wc of the Beach gave me (in blue) in an e-mail I've send to her: "Hi, My wedding is booked at your resort for November 13, 2013. I may book Rashel Edwards for my hair and make-up, but first need to know if there is fees charged by the resort when she comes. For Rashel Edward, she is subtitle to a vendor fee and a day pass fee. Which is a total of $175.00" So for Rashel And her assistant, it's a total of 350$ only in "resort fee's"...!
  2. @ jreist Thanks for your review...seems you had a wondurful time! And your dress is amazing! I have a question...you said that the resort had a beach bbq on Friday and a beach party on Saturday. I thought the beach party was on Thursday and the bbq was on Saturday. Do you know if they changed the schedule?
  3. You're welcome. It's often easier to find something when you're not under pressure...and a few days before your wedding, you surely are! Wish you the wedding of your dreams...
  4. papoue

    Hello I'm a Newbie!

    and congratulation on your engagement! You're at the right place to find lot of information. Even thought there is not a lot of reviews about Cuba, I think we can share some general info... I don't know about Playa Pesquero...but I'm getting married at Iberostar Rose Hall in Jamaica, and one of the reasons I choose this resort is there policy of 1 wedding per day. So, it maybe something you want to consider... Happy planning!
  5. So happy for you...and I'm sure you'll have a wonderfull wedding! Enjoy every moment!!!
  6. Hi Sjay, look to Missee17's review ("Resort Reviews" section)...She said that her lanterns were installed enven though she didn't rent out the restaurant: ..."Reception: We had our reception dinner at Aunt Ruby’s Steakhouse. We didn’t rent out the restaurant because we didn’t have 50 people, but that actually worked out for us money wise. The décor looked amazing. Nicole and her crew did a wonderful job. They even put up my 12 lanterns I brought even though we didn’t rent out the restaurant. I was so pleased on how everything looked." Hope this can help!
  7. I read somewhere in the "Iberostar Rose Hall Brides-post all info/questions here" that the wc told to a fellow bride that the DJ can be an MC as well, but because of his accent, it can be hard to understand what he says! The wc told her that if someone of her entourage was willing to make annoucements, she recommended to go this route. But it may depend of who will be the DJ...there's certainly more than 1 DJ for the whole resort...?
  8. I know...less than a year!!! I also spoke with my TA recently...but we won't book for now because rates should come down...Haven't decided either on the venue...I wish the gazebo were beautiful!...but I really don't like it.
  9. Laura, I read somewhere in the thread "Iberostar Rose Hall Brides-Post all info/questions here!" that the bride/groom AND guests are allowed to take off bracelets. But don't throw them (and inform your guests): Every personn will have to give the old bracelet to the hotel reception the next day, in order to receive a new one, otherwise there will be fees!
  10. I'm 3 years older! I'm 35 and he's 32...
  11. I'm pretty sure I read in this thread that the staff will move chairs from the ceremony to the reception, so you won't have to rent double.
  12. Yes Mary, I booked for 11-13-13...the day after yours!
  13. You're at the right place to find all the infos that you need. As for the destination, look what are the requirements in both coutry to get married...maybe this will help you to make your choice. Also, you can look the reviews of resorts in the "resort reviews" section in this forum...really helped me to make my choice. Happy planning!
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