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  1. Thank you for replying Brandi! And oh boy...haha I was not expecting all that time in between. We cannot push our wedding back any later now; Pergola is reserved for 3:00pm; pictures, then cocktail hour at 5pm. The sun sets between 5pm-6pm in Cancun in Oct/Nov!!! So we NEED daylight pictures AND sunset pictures on our wedding day! We will just have to try out our negotiating skills!
  2. Hi Brides! I have a question: What is the BEST reception location? I heard the Bamboo room; does anyone else have this booked? Also, Deisy emailed me back and said that the reception is for 3 hours included in the price. Each additional hour is $15 per person! That means that if we start dinner at 6pm- we would have to end at 9pm. We wanted to keep it until midnight which would be $15 pp for 40 people is $1800 EXTRA! Nuts. What do you ladies think?! Help please!
  3. I am not having any luck getting email replies from Pilar or any other coordinator! Any one have any luck getting a hold of them or what to say? I have literally 100000 questions about the private terrace, bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, make up, hair trial, hair appt day of, negotiating things in the package, etc. It stinks not getting anything answered or addressed in a timely manner!
  4. Yeah I mean that makes sense that the other times at the Pergola are already booked; however, their website and the email to our travel agent said that day is completely open right now...?? Just wondering if anyone else had run into an issue like that is all...
  5. Wedding Dilemma: I am trying to have my wedding at the Pergola for 3 or 4:00pm. I am talking with my travel agent who is emailing Deisy from Jade now. Deisy listed that the Pergola is only available at 6:00pm for the ceremony! Has anyone else ran into this issue? Why so late?! Thanks Jade-ers!!
  6. Hi fellow Jade Brides! My wedding is November 7th, 2013. I am bringing my own photographer from home. It is much easier to work with a photographer that is local since most of your work and communication is after your wedding day. Since our photographer will be a guest at the resort, there is NO fee associated with a day pass, and obviously, not an outside vendor! I am getting engagement pics w/CD and copyright to all images, day before coverage of rehearsal dinner or whatever we want, FULL day wedding day coverage from the moment we wake up to receptions end, trash the dress, coffee table book, bamboo mounted picutres, and CD w/ all wedding events and copyright to all those too for $3,000!!! She is literally ours all weekend and has no other weddings to get to obviously so all her attention is on us! We will obviously have to pay for her trip- 4 day all inclusive is about $800...so $3800 for all that is much nicer than split coverage and like 24 color photos and adding everything ala carte. I would highly recommend at least exploring your own local photographer if you are a picture loving and money-saving kind of woman! What's also nice is my photographer is a guest for the 4 night package and she is paying for and bringing along her asisstanct for NO extra charge! On to some other questions I haven't explored yet- 1. I also had a question about dinner menu options and what appetizers and meals people selected in the past and how they were. 2. Bamboo room vs Castaways for reception/dancing? 3. What times do you get those reception sites until at the end of the night? (we will be paying for private reception)
  7. I am still debating between late October and early November 2013. I have read contradicting info online about the weather. Hurricane season runs through October and it has the most rainy/wet days out of the year. And, if, a hurricane hits, it is most likely in October. November starts dry season...although I have heard that November is also included in hurricane season. Any opinions? Anyone been to Riviera Maya in October and/or in November? What was the weather like? Rainy? Those middle of the night downpours don't really bother me, but no rainy days please!! Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone! Newly engaged newbie here! I am planning my wedding at The Now Jade Riviera for late October/early November 2013 if anyone will be there the same time or has other tips or ideas let me know! Thank you Jade Brides!
  9. I will be getting married at The Now Jade and planning for late October/early November of 2013. Thank you!
  10. Awesome thank you so much! Again, I am a newbie as of yesterday so any tips, ideas, or anything else good to know about the Jade would be awesome. We are thinking Oct 20-27 2013 or November 3-10 2013. Anyone else have their wedding there during any of those times? Weather? Preference? Thank you Jade Brides!!
  11. Hi! I am planning my wedding at the NOW Jade for Oct/Nov 2013. Does anyone know if they charge extra for bringing our own photographer? I do not think there is since she would be a guest at the resort and not an outside vendor, per say...? Thank you!
  12. JessnNeil! I will be planning my desti-wedding for last week in Oct or early November 2013 at The Now Jade! If you could share input, ideas, planning tricks and your review afterwards that would be great! Thank you, Lindsay
  13. Hi fellow Jade Brides! My fiance and I are planning a late October early November 2013 wedding at The Now Jade! Any tips, weather input, or ideas right off the bat? Can't wait to read all about it and get some help! Lindsay
  14. Hello Jade Brides! I am planning my wedding for Oct/Nov 2013!! Anyone else planning on that time frame for 2013? Anyone had a wedding there during that timeframe in previous years? --thoughts? weather? Can't wait to get started planning and get tips and share ideas with you all!
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