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  1. I went in July and I felt that it was significantly cheaper then. We got the best rates through cheap carribbean for packages but on average each of my guests spent about 1100 per person from New York staying for 5 days...We are staying for 10 nights and ending up paying over 3600 for both of us, we locked in those pricing in september and I feel like they are still climbing
  2. Hey fellow brides! I haven't checked in for a while, but my time is finally here...we will be getting married in six days. Definitely not getting any sleep at this point and hoping for a smooth wedding and more importantly getting to the Jade safely as we're expecting a big snow storm tomorrow. I had a quick question for those of you who have gotten married already or have planned out the finances. What do you consider approrpriate tips for everything and which individuals do you plan to tip? I'm a little unsure if i should tip a percentage of the total quote or what is the general rule
  3. I haven't heard back from Ana in weeks and I'm getting pretty upset about it...anyone else having this problem again lately? I'm only a month out and I still haven't gotten my requested quote of how much $$$ we're looking at so far...definitely getting nervous
  4. Hello everyone! I wonder what time everyone is starting their ceremonies at? I'm beginning to get worried about the sun setting early in January and not having enough light for the pictures...any ideas on this ladies? Thanks
  5. Wow, just adding in that i work on 3rd and 54th...such a small world!! I would have never thought that the lady possibly sitting across from me on the train could also be planning their wedding at Now Jade
  6. I wanted to go with Ivan because I wanted an emphasis on the "party" part of the reception, and he really does a great job with music, lighting, cold fireworks ect and his pricing was great. I had emailed both pilar and ana before I put deposits on both the Dj and Photog and never heard back or didn't get clear answers. After I had booked and was trying to negotiate swaps, Ana through in that they wouldn't allow an outside dj on premises. This was a mess for me because I had clearly brought him up in at least 4 emails before that and I felt like they were just changing rules as they went. It w
  7. We booked Ivan Gomez "DJ Doremixx" as our DJ (had to fight the resort on this one though, very stressful) and Derek Campbell from Photosincancun as our photog (we were very on a budget and he's affordable and very easy to work with) I'm happy with both vendors so far, Ivan had to go out of his way to straighten out a few things with the resort and I appreciate that effort!
  8. Thanks for the update Futuremrsholt, especially since you are recovering!! Hope you are feeling better today and so glad to hear the the site visit went well. My fiance and I went in July before we decided to get married there and loved everything, I'm glad to hear that nothing has changed We were especially thrilled with the restaurants bc we figured that all inclusive food would not be too tasty so I'm happy to know your parents feel the same. An update on our planning- We are full steam ahead for Jan 17th...Photog and DJ booked, my dress and shoes ordered and the bridal party is
  9. Just wanted to say that the webinar was great! I was very happy to get the majority of my questions answered. You ladies did a great job!!
  10. Hi there January brides!! I can't believe how fast everything is going now. We're getting married on January 17th, 2011 at the NOW jade riviera (excatly four months today). I think planning is going okay so far. Invites are going out this week, the dress is ordered as well as all of my accessories, photographer and dj booked, bridal party attire will get chosen next week. The big thing is that we're still holding on booking the travel, I was hoping that rates would drop a little bit, but so far I haven't seen any deals going past december
  11. Yay subscriptions are back!!! This is the highlight of my day so far lol! I really think Ana is getting angered with my requests but at the same time it is so hard to get solid answers on things. I was told the reception had to end by 11 from Pilar but now Ana told me that I will have to pay extra if it goes past 3 hours ( i think this is only bc i'm not using there dj). But on a lighter note, today is exactly 4 months until my wedding!!!! stress be gone
  12. Yikes, what happened to the subscriptions  We are still having a whirlwind of miscommunications with Ana. Was anyone else told that the reception could only be three hours? I was only told that it had to be over by 11pm for the Bamboo room...
  13. Thanks for the encouragement This whole process really starts to get frustrating but I can only hope that in the end things work out smoothly. Even if it isn't an even exchange, I would like to receive something for the things that I'm not using at all, I need to put my negotiating hat on and try again!
  14. Well after weeks I've finally gotten a response from Ana Maria (only after my FI posted on their facebook about no one returning our emails and calls). She has told me that they won't swap anything out of the package but since I hadn't heard from them in weeks, I've already put down deposits with my own photographer and DJ. I don't know what to do at this point, the info that I receive from them tends to be unreliable and now I will have to pay for services that I have no use for...not a happy camper
  15. Thanks ladies, I emailed her again and asked for a quote this time, hopefully I hear back soon. My budget is really growing and I'm getting anxious about that. For anyone that booked a package but didn't want to use certain things (like photographer, dj etc) did she take it off of the base price or at least suggest substitutions. I'm finding it hard to get any straight answers from her regarding that... Â ldunson- thanks for the info on the Orange Lounge, I had booked it as well but may change over to the blue beach bar as well. I did visit the site a in July and I liked the look of the o
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