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  1. Hi All!!! I just had my wedding at the Hard Rock Punta Cana which by the way was amazing...but most importantly I wanted to share the information for our photographer which was Renauld of Photosouvenir Punta Cana! He was awesome, professional and extremely talented! I have attached a few photos for reference. Happy planning!!!![/img][/img]
  2. Hi Cattygeeh, I do know that the Hard Rock does offer a complimentary site visit for up to six nights once you have a group contract established with them. You can have a group contract set up through their sales office or through a travel agent. Melissa
  3. Oh one more the DeeSG...the chairs in your reception are different than the ones I noticed before. Are those from Creative Punta Cana, how much were they per chair?
  4. DeeSG... Your pictures are gorgeous!!! Thank you so very much for the time you took to share with us! Seems like overall you had a good experience:) Question, when you said you paid $2700, is that all together for reception decor and ceremony or was that just for the ceremony? Melissa
  5. Hi Ladies, Do you have any information on the fee that Pastor York charges to perform a symbolic ceremony. I would really like someone like him to personalize our ceremony and I cant think of anyone of my guest at this moment who can do it Please advise:)
  6. Hi Coconoir1908, I absolutely LOVED your site! The fact that we are Sorors make it even better )) I actually went to the wedding window website to inquire about the options and started the free trial, the only problem my wedding is not until October 2013 in Dominican Republic, so I am afraid it will expire before our wedding I think I may have to call them and get this straightened out. Or do you know if this will be an issue for me August 2012? Do they give you the option to extend past the 12 months if you need it? Did you say you ended up getting an upgrade to the free package, if so, which package did you get? Melissa
  7. I do have some information on the up front deposit required to book the rooms. Email me at melandedwed@gmail.com. Melissa
  8. Yall got my vote too! Soo, I contacted my point of contact in Miami and they attempted to tell me that they could no longer honor the 6pm time!?!? I had to get management approval for them to accept it. I just got another email from the wedding coordinator confirming my date and time and I my travel agent received our group contract today with the correct date and time. I can not believe they tried to pull a fast one on me! Lol. We have it all straightened out now, I will be getting married at the Hard Rock Punta Cana on October 20, 2012 at 6pm. Thanks LRDubbs for the heads up! Melissa
  9. Wow! Congratulations DeeSG!!!! That is awesome that you had such a good experience with HDC. I have not yet made photography decisions because my wedding is not until next year in October. But after reading this I look forward to reaching out to them! Please do share your photos if you feel comfortable. I created a wedding email address because the spam can get kind of crazy...lol. Email me at melandedwed@gmail.com. What collection did you choose for your ceremony?!?? Thanks for sharing! Melissa
  10. LRDubbs - That's awesome! We will be there at the same time and you got the earlier time you wanted! Good stuff:) Did you say they told you they do not do 6pm weddings in October or that there are not any available for that time ?? My wedding is at 6pm. That is a really good rate through the palace memberbership, hope everything works out with the travel arrangements etc. We are having a group of about anywhere between 50-75 people, we plan to have a blast!!!! Melissa
  11. Hi LRDubbs, I am actually getting married on October 20th 2013 at 6pm! I've always envisioned a sunset wedding on the beach. Sunset in DR is usually about 6:15pm or so during this time of year according to my research I was actually going to do October 19th, but changed my mind to do it on a Sunday, in thoughts that it may be a more relaxed day for the resort in general. Are you getting married this year or next year? I think they will probably have good lighting in the reception venues outside but if you are concerned about a dark reception you may want to consider your reception in a ballroom indoors?!? What do you think about that?? Sorry I don't have any information on the Palace Resort membership maybe you should try posting your question on the other Hard Rock Forums on this site. I am arranging the travel for my guest through Liberty Travel and so far so good! Wishing you the best ! MelandEd
  12. Thanks for sharing m and k, I look forward to the pics! BTW...the few in your post look fabulous!
  13. Thanks for sharing m loves k! I recently confirmed my wedding for October 2013 and I am very excited to get things moving. I obviously have plenty of time but I plan to get the save the dates, travel agent arrangements and invitation in order in the mean time. How did you arrange the accomodations for your guests, through Wedding Coordinators in Miami or through a travel agent? Also, would you mind sharing your photos of the ceremony and reception set up? I am interested in seeing their work. My email is mrodriguez610@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance! Take care Mel
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