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  1. Hey lady, Do not feel alone, I am in the same situation. I think it happens all at once and it is pretty sad, but you need to respect people's lives and responsibilities. Try to stay calm and know the path ahead is filled with drama and you can laugh when it is over. We are all here for you, and just know your day will be amazing. D
  2. Thanks Lady I feel a little better now about the payments, good luck and I wish you a beautiful and sunny wedding.
  3. Did they tell you you had to pay for the wedding portion in advance? The rooms I understand, but not the full wedding, and right after I paid the deposit to "hold the wedding locations." Thanks, D
  4. Hey Everyone, Just want to start by saying thank you again for all your help and amazing input! I have a question about payment, has anyone been asked to pay in full before you even get there? I saw a lot of comments about charging the wedding to the room, but no mention about being asked to pay in full in advance. I can understand a deposit but not paying in advance. Thanks, D
  5. Wow thank your all for the amazing pictures, this is so helpful. This has helped me communicate with the hotel staff as well. D
  6. Thanks, we are in the same position. They keep saying they will not secure locations until we arrive, but we are calling and emailing them like crazy. My FI is getting pretty upset with the service we are getting, it is stressful enough to plan a destination wedding without knowing where you are getting married. Thanks I needed to vent. I hope things get better. Danielle
  7. Thank you so much Curly Bride. I am so surprised you are this far along. Now I feel like I am behind the power curve. I need to move a little quicker I guess. Please keep me posted on how things are progressing and I will do the same for you. D
  8. Wow Coco, You are such an inspiration. This wedding had so many great personal touches. And thank you so much for the templates, just hope I can get to download them soon my wedding is only 3 months away! DSanz
  9. Thank you Bondgirl0072010, I am starting to get a lot of information and planning items now from the MP so that is good, Now just have to make the final decisions. Does Del Sol also offer a video and streaming video package? Thanks, D
  10. Hey Ladies, Getting marries Nov 1 and trying to figure this whole MP process out. Anyone booked or used the new Colin Cowie packages? Thanks
  11. Hey ladies, I am getting married on Nov 1 and the mad dash is a little stressful to say the least. Has anyone else booked with the new Colin Cowie packages at MP? I am trying to work, photos, video, flower changes, functions, etc. and info is hard to get. How did you all find off-site vendors? Thanks, Danielle
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