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  1. We had fireworks at our wedding in Now Jade. We loved them and so did our guests. I thought it brought something special and different. We used www.pirotecniacancun.mx. Maritza was very quick to answer any questions and any emails I sent. We did package 4 that included 8 multicolored shell bombs(big size) and 12 color comets. As well as 4 sparklers. OUr DJ ended up bringing sparlers so they just added more fireworks at the last minute. We paid $1400. Hope this info helps.
  2. don't let what other might say or do get to you, at the end of the day, it is your special day, a day that you will remmember and treasure forever. You have to do what you want, and exactly how you want it done, so that you do not regret it later on. people really do show their true colors when it comes to weddings, and at the end of the day, do you really want those people that bring you down in your life? -advise that was given to me, that helped me through all the drama
  3. i love number 1 and 2, but if you didnt have your "omg this is it" moment, maybe try some more dresses on, you can always go back to these 3 if you don't find anything else...i went to a lot of places and tried on a bunch of dresses and found 2 that i was like hmm i like them, maybe i just won't have that omg moment, and then i tried on one dress and that was it, i was set on that one...so maybe search more?
  4. we paid with a credit card and then got a credit back on it i think like a week or two before we left, so thats normal
  5. i used water beads... i love them! so easy to transport and then they just fill up with water and look awesome
  6. we were thinking about taking dance classes and choreographing a dance, but then we decided that we wanted to enjoy our first dance as husband and wife instead of worrying that we will mess up a move
  7. we were planning on doing that as well, since my husbands brother got ordained, so we were just going to sign the papers in mexico on our date, but you needed to put the address of where he did it and iut had to be in our state, in our county. After going back and forth and thinking if we should do it or not, we both felt that even though the goverment will probably never find out that we were in mexico on that day instead of our county where the papers will say we were, we didnt want to "start our married life" with a lie, so we just went to the courthousea few days before we left for MX, in sweats, and got it over with..it felt as far from "real" as possible, so we didnt mind.
  8. we did an atv excursion, it was a lot of fun. they pick you up, you ride the atv's, then stop by a cave, see monkeys, and at the end jump into a cenote(zipline). it's awesome! We had 20 people going, so we had it private and they did bride and groom for free. We do this excursion every time we are in mexico. http://www.junglejimatvs.com/tour.php?tour_id=1
  9. @@LisaAnthonyPoppy ya it was a lot of money to spend on just video, and we went back and forth deciding if we should get it or not, but for us it was really important, so we justified that spending. you might be able to find another videographer for cheaper
  10. @@LisaAnthonyPoppy mike was very personable, easy to talk to and discuss everything we wanted on our wedding day and very professional. We loved him and his team! His price list is the link below. We chose film package 3 for us http://mikecantarellfilms.com/price/
  11. we used cancun wedding video and we absolutely loved them. We worked with Mike and he was always fast in his responses. On our wedding day, we had three videographers, but we didnt even feel their presence. They worked so well together and got beautiful shots! our highlight film
  12. i just did piano music pre ceremony, when people were being seated. then I did canon in d pachelbel for processional and the wedding march for the recessional. -don't remember the actual piano music i used, but something like this
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