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  1. Hi Tammy, Will this webinar be available online for those who could not attend? Thanks! Jess
  2. Hi Tammy, Is this available online for those who could not attend? Thanks! Jess
  3. I am planning a wedding in Nov 2013 for ~120 guests (I know, it's a large number for a destination wedding). We want to have it in Cancun and have fallen in love with the chapel at Gran Caribe Real but are debating about where we should have the reception/hotel. The Gran Caribe Real resort doesn't look that great, am I wrong? We want to keep the price as low as possible for our guests since they will be traveling far. I am visiting Cancun over labor day weekend and have narrowed it down to a few places. Thoughts, comments, advice?? 1) Gran Caribe Real (Since we plan to get married in the chapel this is the most convenient resort) 2) Gran Melia 3) NH Krystal Cancun 4) Dreams Resort- I know there is a lot of info on Dreams out there, and it looks gorgeous, but it might be too pricey for our guests I'm really interested in heaing more about the first three options!! Thanks!!
  4. I was looking for some information or pics from the Westin Cancun and also couldn't find much. Did you ever write a review? Any advice? Thanks!
  5. Hi Mkdela, I am thinking about having my reception at the gran melia cancun for about 120 people. How did you reception there turn out?? Do you have any pictures? Any advise would be appreciated! Thanks! Jess
  6. jessss

    Newbie looking for a non resort venue!!!..

    Just ran into your post on wedding venues on PDC. I am considering PDC for a destination wedding and really like Canibal Royal. What was the price range for the venues you checked out?
  7. This is a review of:

    Juan Navarro Photography

    Very professional, knowledgable, and most importantly...AMAZING photos!!!

    Pros: Experienced, Creative, Professional, and Extraordianary photos!!
    Cons: none
    We couldn't be happier with Juan's services at our wedding, trash the dress session, and the moments he captured! Take a look at his photos and you will see how amazing his work truly is.   Before the big day: Juan was happy to discuss any questions about the photography timeline before us arriving in Cancun. He is a local, and knows the area and way things work in Cancun so was very helpful. When we first arrived in Cancun Juan took the time to meet with us at our hotel and to discuss the logistics of our wedding day. He was professional, knowledgeable, and open minded. He allayed many of our fears and anxiety about the day. He truly took the pressure off. He also has professional relationships with many in the industry such as hotel coordinators, videographers, etc. Luckily for us, he had worked closely with our videographers previously and was willing to coordinate with them the day of.   Wedding day: Juan was punctual, prepared and ready to go on the wedding day. He provided us and our guests with direction and guidance through the first look and family photos. Extra bonus: his assistant was super friendly and professional as well!! The assistant took photos of the men while Juan took care of the ladies. It rained during cocktail hour and we weren't able to take photos then as expected, but Juan and his assistant were very flexible and we were still able to get all of the photos that we wanted.   TTD: We met Juan a few days after our wedding day in Isla Mujeres for TTD photos. If you are considering this- it is a must!!!!!! We had a blast going around the island with Juan for all of the photos. Juan has a great eye and knows his way around the island.   Photos: All of the photos came out amazing! Many friends and family members have told us that they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen. We couldn't be happier. TTD session is highly recommended- you have much more time to focus on getting great photos with your hubby (stress free) and Juan is able to get super creative and artistic.   Juan was exceptional, we are so glad we booked him!!! We highly recommend Juan for your wedding and TTD photo sessions, you won't be disappointed!
  8. UNBELIEVABLE job capturing the day- Jerry and Eduardo were the best!

    Pros: Video quality and profesionalism
    Cons: none, great experience all around
    We couldn't be happier with our short and long videos captured and edited by Jerry and Eduardo! We particularly recommend getting the highlight video, as we've watched it over a dozen times in the past 6 months.    Before the big day: They were happy to discuss any questions about the big day via email and responded promptly. When we first arrived in Cancun Jerry and Eduardo took the time to meet with us at our hotel and to discuss the logistics of our wedding day. They were professional, knowledgeable, and open minded and allayed many of our fears and anxiety about the day. As luck would have it, they also have a good relationship with our photographer and coordinated with him (Juan Navarro) throughout the day.    Wedding day: Jerry and Eduardo were punctual, prepared and ready to go on the wedding day. We decided the day before to switch to cinematography type video and they had no problem with it. They went above and beyond and were extremely flexible. They also worked with the venue to make sure everything went smoothly. While filming they were very discrete and inconspicuous.   Video: The video was the best investment of our wedding! Many friends and family members have told us that the highlight video was the best that they have seen. They did an amazing job editing the video and putting it together in a creative but fluid manner. We love watching it and they did a perfect job capturing all of the moments. The long video is broken into chapters so that you can choose to watch certain parts of the wedding/reception. We couldn't be happier with all of the time and energy they put into making us an amazing video that we will always cherish!!   Jerry and Eduardo were exceptional, and we are so glad we booked Cancun Wedding Video!!! We highly recommend them for your wedding, you won't be disappointed!