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  1. We saw many folks sinking in the sand with heels so I guess it depends on where you walk. Our wedding party went barefoot. I would suggest flip flops or barefoot for your guests or provide the basket of flipflops and they can chang back to heels at the resturant. I walked on the beach with flip flops and was annoyed by the sand so Id say barefoot is the best way to go. I also saw on the knot as a favor som small paint brushes with a sign that said something like "brush teh sand from your toes" for guests do they could clean their feet before replacing their shoes. Either way if you tell guests the ceremony is on the beach they should prepare accordingly.
  2. We just got married at the Beach on Saturday. Overall it was great. Santena was wonderful very calm and paitent despite my crazy family. We did have an issue with our reception choice. We were supposed to be at the steakhouse but got bumped by a larger group. We were not informed unitl a week before the wedding and there was some reluctance by the staff to offer a explanation. We met with the GM and he reduced our costs and gave us the presidential suite. That was the only noteworthy issue that we had. The ceremony was lovely. It rained just as we were signing the marraige register and everyone was able to duck under a hut. The rain lasted for 5 minutes and then we came back out and finished the sand ceremony and jumping the broom. It was a bit of wedding comic relief. Due to the weather we had to do photos quickly but our photographer Merrick Cousley was wonderful! Santena moved our outdoor cocktail hour to the music bar, which worked out fine because it was very windy. We ended up in the Cajun resturant for the reception with the steakhouse menu. The space turned out being better since it was overcast and windy and our group was 37 so there was plenty of space for dancing. Santena did a great job of setting up the reception. Tai Flora did a great job. We only had scattered flowers down teh aisle runner and paper lanterns around the huppa and of course the wedding party flowers. It was beautiful and I did not miss having floral arranements. I forgot to order a flower for hair but Santena got some extra pieces from the bouquet and it was fine. The staff did an excellent job of clearing the beach so it felt very private. The folks around the steakhouse watched but were very respectful and encouraging. I have not complaints about the ceremony except Rev. Salter did do the libation prayer correctly but it was no big deal the words were the most important part and he read those accurately. The hotel has a few issues but nothing horrible. The wifi is not free at the beach so that seemed crazy because it is free at the other hotels. The suites is nicer for guests but we choose the beach to keep the costs at a certain price point for our guests. The food overall was ok nothing to write home about we ate in all the resturants and the steakhouse was the best. Not enough variety at the main buffet. However you can give people a choice to stay in any of the 3 depending on their preferences and expectations. Guests at the Suites and Grand can come to the Beach but you can't go up to Beach from the other hotels. The resort itself is lovely. I did not visit Jamaica before hand or the hotel and made my choices based on research and with the help of feedback of groups like these. So thanks for all the good advice! In the end the day turned out great and it was really beautiful. I will post photos when I return. We are honeymooning at Couples Tower Isle in Ocho Rios. We got a great deal through American Express and it is really nice. I would recommend any Couples Resort here. Photos coming soon. Happy Planning. Wishing you all teh best on your special day. Ms. Freeman ( I love saying that)
  3. Alicia, Are you getting married at the Iberostar Beach or the Iberostar Suites? This may be the issue. KJ
  4. Alicia Are you getting married at the Suites or the Beach? That may be the issue. KJ
  5. Alicia, Are you getting married at teh Suites or the Beach? That may be the issue.
  6. Hi Alicia, are you getting married at the Suites or the Beach resort? This may be the issue. KJ
  7. I just found out that the steakhouse is having operational problems and will not be availabe 1/12. They will still serve the steakhouse menu but Im pretty bummed. Is anyone else having this problem at the Beach?
  8. Thanks! It makes a big difference having the input of a professional photographer. I also received a referral for Merrick Cousley.
  9. Can someone recommend a local photographer in Jamaica? I'm seeing reviews about the DigitaPix folks at the Rose Hall Beach. I was going to use them but now I'm having second thoughts. Help! Thanks!
  10. Can anyone recommend a local photographer in Jamaica? I heard DigitaPix is not very good
  11. Hi Did you all tour the beach? I am getting married there in January. Also did the hotel offer you any comps or discounts on your visit?
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