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  1. I had the steel drum band and everyone really enjoyed it:). Also, the Italian restaurant was my fav, we went there a few times and loved it more each time!
  2. Hahahaha omg that was too funny...I actually forgot about him running towards the aisle until you just mentioned it lol. Your husband was very quick to grab him though lol. Our trip was amazing as well, and like CourtBestBride said in her review, Nekeisha was an awesome WC and definitely put my mind at ease once we got there. I would like to add some pics to my profile too, but I'm not sure how...I'll play around a bit & see if I can figure it out! Courtney - it was so nice meeting you, we walked down towards our villa when your wedding was starting, and were standing at the top of your walkway until you & your dad started to walk down...then I was scared that we would be in your pics so we went down to our villa (just 2 over from you) and watched your ceremony from our balcony & the cabanas out front:) I was happy that the rain waited just until you were finished! Glad you had a great experience, we did too!
  3. Ahh, ok...yes I am getting the steel drum band too, but I'm going to have them play after the ceremony during the cocktail hour. Originally I had planned on reserving the Poisedon but we only have 25 people, 10 of which are in the wedding party (including myself & fiance) so we thought it would be silly to get a dj or have someone play music for a small amount of people...I bought a short white dress to change into after pictures so that we can go to the disco or supper or wherever later on:) I can't believe we're leaving tomorrow!
  4. One more question - Alysia85 you said they tried to charge you $500 for the ipod dock? I just noticed in your pic it looks like you had the waves of love package...it says that includes one or do they try to trick you when you get there? for the Island Pearl package, it says "music/ipod hookup & mic/speakers for ceremony". Should I bring my own docking station?
  5. Are you staying on the Lady Hamilton side? We booked one of their honeymoon villas:) Does anyone know...for the ceremony - for the bridal march, processional, recessional, etc music, do they have someone that plays it or do I need to get one of my guests to do it? i've chosen the Island Pearl package so it includes speakers/docking station but when I asked the WC who plays the music she didn't respond. Also, is it just an Ipod station or is it a CD player too?
  6. I am freaking out too...we leave in 2 days!! My mom helped me pack and it's not as bad as I thought...my dress will be the biggest pain in the butt, it's like a whole person on its own lol. Congrats to all of you, and maybe we will see some of you down there! My wedding date is Jan 31, in the gazebo at 4pm:)
  7. Hi Chelsea; We are arriving on Jan 25th, staying til Feb 4th. We're getting married on Jan 31 at 4pm, in the gazebo:) Originally I had the Poisedon booked for our reception, but we have a small group going (25) so last minute we decided to change it to a cocktail reception after the ceremony. Does anyone have any info about the restaurants there? I heard that you don't make reservations? What about dress code, for the men, is it the standard dress pants & shoes or are they a bit more flexible (ie: can the guys where sandals?)
  8. We also have to get our documents notarized...the first scans I sent through weren't accepted, and I still have to go get them notarized...I've been slack!!
  9. Hi ladies:) We are getting married on January 31, 2013 in the Gazebo @ 4pm. Private reception to follow at the Poiseidon, as I have heard the same thing about the loud reggae band starting around 9pm. I actually just received an email from my WC, who is Nekeisha:) I have chosed the Waves of Love package, as my bridesmaids dresses are a light aqua/mint color, and flowers will be very deep/vibrant purple. I am most likely going to have small bouquets made for them, as well as the corsages/boutinierres (sp?) for the guys, however wasn't sure what to really do for my own bouquet? I was thinking mainly white with a hint of the aqua & purples in with it... I was just planning on bringing an Ipod docking station down for our music...but I really don't like the idea of someone having to constantly monitor it & change it...plus I only have a total of 29-ish people attending, 8 of which are part of the bridal party so it's not a huge amount. I'm having a hard time with figuring out centerpieces too...I already feel like I'm going to be bringing way too much luggage with me, so I'd like something light...a few people have mentioned using the bridesmaid bouquets and putting them in vases, that's a good idea, and i have a few packages of those expanding water bead things, so maybe that will be the way to go:) Does anyone have any experience with their hairdresser? I have super long, fine hair and I'm so scared that it will be completely flat & gross looking by the time I walk down the aisle...what time should I be scheduling a hair appointment for if my wedding is at 4:00? Anyway, looking forward to hearing more peoples thoughts & ideas!
  10. Thanks so much for the info! Wow are weddings are close...I originally wanted the 30th but obviously it wasn't available! Where did you see pictures/reviews for the Poseidon? I'm fairly new to this site and haven't quite figured out all the tricks to it yet, but would love to see some pictures! We will be there from Jan 25-Feb 4, 2013:)
  11. Hello, I am getting married January 31, 2013 at 4pm:) I have so many questions and I also have a hard time reaching the resort & getting responses, but I just have hopes that everything will come together and I'm sure it will:) I was wondering the same thing about the Ipod hookup/speaker situatation...I was planning on getting the Waves of Love package, since it seemed to be the most useful for what I needed. And from what I've been able to gather on here....the Poisedon would be the ideal location for my reception...is that right? Also I would love to see some pictures from other brides who were married at this resort...is there one spot to view them? Thanks:)
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