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  1. Tammy Host, Where can I find the answers to the questions from the webinar? I always have trouble navigating this page:(
  2. Labebita911... TODAY is the big day. Congrats and please spare NO details!!!
  3. Labebita911!!! I just sent my deposit and have the Katia as my WC. I am so excited. I am not happy about the $950 for the DJ...but I am going with it. Also, they said my wedding has to start at 4pm due to turtle nesting!!! WTF. Changing lanes already because I booked for 4:30pm (the clock-hand should be going up for my wedding, not down!!) What problems are you having.
  4. Labebita911...does the resort supply the dj? How much was it?
  5. Well I can't wait until u give your review!!!!! Tell me everything;)
  6. Hello Labebita911, What did you find out about the reception? What are the options?
  7. hello brides, i plan to marry at the royal cancun 7.13.13. i want a DJ and fire dancers. can anyone tell me the pricing for this type of entertainment? will they charge me a vendor charge or do they have on-site DJs and fire dancers?
  8. Thanks for the feedback! My wedding will be in July also 7.13.13! My main concern is the reception area because i want a party with DJ and space for my guest to dance. I am not to concerned with a "dinner" type reception since food is free and in abundance.
  9. What was the deposit amount? what is the best place for a reception?
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