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  1. Hello destination brides!! I am new to this and I think this is a great!! I'm actually getting married on May 26th at the dreams resort. I have only 3 weeks to go! It's been a really good experience so far. Only stress that I have is carrying all my favors, gifts and etc. with me. Hoping everything shows up at the airport. Just wondering if anyone has picked their food for the reception. I have the gold dinner. Not sure on what to pick!!! lol! I want to wish everyone good luck and happy planning!!
  2. Hello destination Brides!!! I'm new to this and I think this is great!! I'm getting married May 26, 2012 at dreams punta cana. I have 3 more weeks to go!!! I have a few questions and maybe some of you can help me out. I'm super nervous because I'm bringing all my wedding things with me when I travel. Just wondering if anyone had trouble with a lost luggage?? Also I'm have the gold dinner for reception. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to pick???
  3. Hello destination brides!!!! I'm new to this and I think this is great to be part of! I'm getting married May 26th, this year at dreams resort! Have about 3 more weeks to go! Thought maybe some of you can help me out with some questions I have. I'm super worried about carrying all my wedding things with me. I'm nervous that my luggage will be lost. Just wondering if anyone had any trouble with this?? Also I'm having the Gold Dinner for the reception. Not sure what is good. Any suggestions?
  4. Best Destination Photographer/Videographer

    When we made the decision to have a destination wedding...we started to look for photographers.  I did lots of research and came across caribbean Emotions.  We are so happy that we made the choice to go with them.    Our wedding was in May in Punta Cana. Michael and Pascal answered any questions we had and made the experience stress free!  They showed up on time and took care of everything!   Also we stayed on the island for our honeymoon and before we traveled back home...we had all our p
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