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  1. wow nice to see many 2013 brides! I am also getting married next year; August 10,2013 at 4pm. It really sucks not being able to speak with a WC until 2-3 months before your wedding date. I have requested the gazebo for the ceremony and im also hoping to get a private reception outdoor near the pool (baja norte?) im actually expecting 80+ guest! Do any of you have a break down list of pricing?? if so can you please email it to maritesmisa@yahoo.com Thank you! =)
  2. HI Jess4219, your wedding pictures are beautiful! those are the same colors I am planning for my wedding as well. Did they provide those colors for you or did you bring them your self? The table cloths, bows for chairs etc? thank you so much!
  3. Thanks Kary! I emailed apple vacations hopfully they get back to me soon. Yeah at first the RIU asked me to book through their group. I didnt like the fact that I had to pay for all the rooms and some how my guest will just have to pay me. I didnt wan to go through all that hassle and stress. thanks so much again! =)
  4. hi everyone, I have a question, when does the hotel need the guest list by? and what was the best way for your guest to book their hotel/air? Some of my wedding guest usually book their vacations through bookit.com or other all inclusive vacation sites. thanks everyone and happy planning! =)
  5. Terbear and Houstonnlh thank you so much for your inputs! this will help me so much! Terbear good luck with your up comming wedding! pls pist pictures =) -Marites Misa
  6. Hello, everyone! Im also getting married next year August 2013! I was just wondering, how you guys went about with booking rooms for the guest? Because the groups at the Riu told me I have to book all the rooms for my guest and pay them in full under me. And some how I will let me guest know to pay me so I can pay the Riu. I dont really like that idea that just sounds like a headache. I was wondering if its better off to go with a tavel agent or can you? Any input would help thank you! And can I also have a checklist too pls? Thank you =) And also, Valerie did you have your reception in the private pool area? thats exactly what I want. did you let them know when you got there or can you tell them ahead of time? thanks! maritesmisa@yahoo.com
  7. Sermar, your wedding video looked so beautiful! Im getting married August 10, 2013 at the palace. I also requested the outside terrace near the pool for more privacy. How much extra was it to have your party there? Im looking at 60-75 guest, looks like you had a big party as well. Were the DJ and photographers from the resort? Thank you so much =) Marites Misa
  8. Thank you for your input! Do 80% of the guest have to stay at the Palace or can some stay the Santa Fe resort? Im sure your wedding went very well and beautiful =)
  9. Hi everyone, I'm planning to have my wedding August 2013 at the Riu Palace and I would like to book a date ASAP. Will they need the full amount of the package I choose or just a deposit? Also does the resort allow kids? Or is it just the Riu Santa Fe? Thank you! Marites
  10. Hi everyone, Im planning to have my wedding at the RIU Palace (August 2013) and I was looking into requesting a wedding date already, but wasn't sure if you have to make a deposit asap? Also is the Palace a kid friendly resort as well as the RIU Santa Fe? BTW thanks to all the threads this really helps A LOT! trying to plan a destination wedding can be a lil stressfull but I know it will be all worth it in the end =) Marites
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