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  1. If the person doing your hair & makeup is already a guest of your wedding and staying at the resort then you don't have to pay the day pass.
  2. Hi Christy12, Paper fans are an excellent idea, especially for the dinner afterwards, if you're having dinner in a la carte resto. For some reason the restaurants are soooo hot! At least it was for our wedding.
  3. Tlseege, yes exactly, my rings were a little loose especially when in contact with water and also I didn't want to get sand into the stones.
  4. It was $1100USD for full day video + editing and we had included 15 photos in our package and we ended up purchasing an additional 32 photos (so incredibly hard to chose, FYI). My sister was is a semi-pro photographer so she was my secondary photographer on our wedding day. We would have purchased more photos if it wasn't for my sister. The photographer Jorge was excellent in capturing moments and did a good job with the group photos. During our viewing session, we had about 300+ pictures to filter through, it was not easy at all. At $15USD a photo, it adds up very quickly. I believe in total we paid $1500USD for wedding DVD and 47 photos. We tried to strike a deal with them but they are hard to persuay and when you see their work it's also hard to belittle their work also. We originally had a smaller budget for pics and video but once we got to the resort and talked with the rep from Arrecife we quickly realized that if we're going to spend big dollars, it might as well be on the video, because it'll last a lifetime. The only problem we had with the DVD was that the studio burned the video on a PAL disc which isn't compatible with North American DVD players. Luckily I have a DVD player from China that plays PAL discs. However I had a friend that is more technically inclined to help me transfer the original video onto a disc that can be read in NA DVD players and be burned again for my family and friends. I would inquire about this when you meet with the rep from Arrecife, I believe her name is Rocio. Also on the video if you want you're name displayed in a particular way for ex: my full name is Susan and my husband's is Jean-Francois so on the DVD title they put "Susan & Jean" - I wanted them to change it to "Susan & Jeff" or "Sue & JF" or "Susan & Jean-Francois" but it's a bit harder for them to change that once they have completed the DVD. It's a minor thing, but something to note.
  5. Hi Beth, we have almost the same wedding date but 1 year apart. As for your engagement ring, I had no problems at all. I was very careful to not wear my rings at the pool or the beach. When I didn't wear my rings I would always place it in my jewellery box and in the safe that is in every room. The safe is complimentary for Brides/Grooms starting the day of the wedding and after until you depart. I hope this helps. Good luck!
  6. Hi claruickie, that's strange...maybe it's not available in your region. sorry.
  7. TSilva sorry for the delay...we purchased photos as well so i believe the full day of video + editing came to around $1100USD. Seems like a lot but it's totally worth it. They really do a great job in capturing your day and our videographer, Tony, even stayed a bit longer so (as I requested) to capture a special performance by a close friend. They present the video + photos (if you choose to purchase any) in a beautiful DVD case specially designed for the couple.
  8. Good Luck with planning! If you need recommendation of a good Travel Agent, I can recommend the agency we used. They are in located in Rosemere.
  9. Hello Future GBP Brides...here is a glimpse of our highlight video by Arrecife Studio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XroFvaSMkIM It was our best decision to opt for the full day video. You won't regret it!
  10. Hello Future GBP Brides...here is a glimpse of our highlight video by Arrecife Studio. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XroFvaSMkIM It was our best decision to opt for the full day video. You won't regret it!
  11. Aw I hear your frustration Coba Bride 2012, but after your meeting with Maria, all your worries will be gone. Good luck!
  12. Shellee & TSilva, I see both your weddings are in October, so plenty of time for planning. When I met Maria in early May she told me Apr-May are the busiest months for weddings, literally one a day, if not two. So if Maria doesn't respond this month it's because of that. But she is really awesome and will get to your emails as soon as she can - but a gentle reminder is never a bad idea. =) Good luck!!!
  13. yeemein

    May 2012

    Sharon99, we also cannot stop looking at our photos and I've been making collages using a iPhone app. =) I cannot wait to get my other pictures!! We definitely have the post wedding blues. Lol! I'm trying to convince my other couple friends to get engaged and I'll help them plan their perfect destination wedding.
  14. UGH that is so frustrating! Air Transat did something similar to us but luckily everything worked out to be better in the end. I hope your tour operator doesn't make anymore schedule/date changes.
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